Letters to the Editor

Project concern

March 9, 2007


To the editor:

I am writing to express passionate opposition to the proposed "Kansas River Expression of Soul Project."

My family and I are homeowners in the Pinckney Neighborhood and use Burcham Park several times a week and love the natural habitat and the animals we get to spot there.

It seems that a woman artist from out of town has proposed a project in league with the Kansas University sculpture department, to create a very invasive trail system that would weave throughout the riverfront woods, to exhibit their "environmental art." After personally talking to this woman I realize she is ill-informed of the actual habitat she dares to tamper with and holds little regard for the actual people who live in this neighborhood.

I am shocked to find out that her KREOS Web site has listed contributing scientists who have actually withdrawn their support and other organizations who were only in support of an earlier idea to put the art near City Hall.

There is growing unrest over this to the point that the City Commission has put this project on hold. I hope this becomes public knowledge so that people have the chance to voice their protest.

Katie Euliss, Lawrence


Porter 11 years ago

Marion and caracalla have both requested that we replace all existing art with velvet paintings of Elvis, John Wayne, and Kent Harvick wall hangings. All those in favor, say "yeehaw".

Jamesaust 11 years ago

Porter - as long as the velvet paintings are of woodland creatures, I don't think anyone will mind. The divide is whether the paint should/should not glow in the dark.

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