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Fall from forklift kills worker at Kansas State

March 9, 2007


— A construction worker died Wednesday after falling from a forklift at a Kansas State University construction site.

A second worker also fell, according to Troy Lane, spokesman for the Kansas State police, but there was no indication he was seriously injured.

Steven E. Darveaux, of Winchester, and Timothy W. Hanes, of Meriden, got into a forklift box at an apartment complex construction site Wednesday evening to be lowered with tools to ground level, according to a news release from the university.

The side of the box began to tip and both men fell from the box. The forklift box then fell on Darveaux.

Emergency medical workers were unable to revive Darveaux at the scene.

Both men were employed by a subcontractor of McPherson Construction Co.


oldgoof 11 years ago

Kansas State is building an apartment complex?

ASBESTOS 11 years ago

Manhattan has for 2 decades looked the other way when it comes to safety and environmental issues.

I am suprised it took so long to happen. I used to work in the Manhattan area and the buzz is, igonre everything except getting the job done.

Wilbur_Nether 11 years ago

Our sympathies to Mr. Darveaux's family, friends, coworkers, and employer; and our hopes that Mr. Hanes injuries are indeed light.

not_dolph 11 years ago

goof - the complex is a rebuild of the married student housing similar to the one's at KU. Doesn't apartment complex sound better than married student in this day and age, we don't really know what "married student housing" means.

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