Pit bull shot after killing miniature horse

A pit bull owner shot his animal last week after it attacked and killed a pregnant miniature horse.

Three other mares were injured in the attack, which occurred Thursday evening about three miles east of Tonganoxie.

According to the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office, the horse belonged to Kay Moyer.

The dog’s owner, Kevin Cook, told sheriff’s officers he was working in a garage and his dog, a pit bull terrier, was running free. Cook told officers he had not seen the dog for about 10 minutes. When he looked for the dog, he found him attacking the miniature horses at the home next door. Cook captured the dog and shot it.

Moyer told officers the mare killed by the pit bull was nine months pregnant. The normal gestation period for a miniature horse is 11 months.

Leavenworth County does not have an ordinance prohibiting pit bulls. However, the county does have a vicious animal ordinance.