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Topeka tops Lawrence in green city challenge

June 26, 2007


Lawrence tabbed as 8th "greenest" city in the U.S.

A recent Yahoo! internet promotion and contest has listed Lawrence as the eight 'greenest' city in the United States. Enlarge video

Lawrence is No. 8, and Topeka is No. 5.

But the winner of the Yahoo! "Be a Better Planet" Greenest City in America Challenge is Hastings, Neb., which won the $250,000 grand prize that will be dedicated to environmentally friendly projects, developed in conjunction with Global Green USA, the global Internet brand announced Monday.

More than 350 cities participated in the challenge, and the top 10 cities were: Hastings; Pelzer, S.C.; San Carlos, Calif.; Mill Valley, Calif.; Topeka; Dover, Del.; Spring, Texas; Lawrence; Walnut Creek, Calif.; and Fairfax, Va.

The top five cities will receive deliveries of thousands of energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Cities earned points in the competition when residents logged onto the Yahoo! Web site to answer environmental questions, learn more about environmentally friendly methods and pledge other actions such as using public transportation and recycling.


pelliott 10 years, 11 months ago

We can thank yoos for some of this, he is a clever obstructionist, They also fired the guy they hired to make suggestions on how city hall could green up, their first action to cut the budgets. Oh the horror of changing how they do things. i admit that is great to see at least some mixed paper drop off sites appearing around town. It was way past time. We need curbside collection for paper and cardboards. Every house in town has it, i Even if they pick it up once a month . Some people don't have cars but they have paper. call a comissioner.

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