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School board tax increase likely to be less this year

June 26, 2007


Property owners should prepare for tax increase

At tonight's Lawrence School Board meeting, board members decided to plan for a $3.5 million property tax increase over what was levied last year. Enlarge video

Lawrence school board will be asking for more tax dollars from residents, but the increase likely won't be as high as recent years.

In early budget talks Monday, the school board considered increasing the local levy by between 3.086 mills and 3.586 mills.

That's a smaller increase than the last two years, which each had increases of more than 5 mills.

According to early projections, the owner of a $150,000 home would see an annual increase of about $50, for total annual taxes to the district of about $1,000.

The current plans are based on a 3 percent increase in assessed valuation.

Board President Sue Morgan said the local option budget increases as the district's state funding increases because the district qualifies for certain funds if it maintains its local option budget at 30 percent of its state general fund budget.

"You forfeit your right to some other funding if you drop the (local option budget) below the specified : thresholds that you have to have in order to qualify," she said.

The district estimates that base state aid per student will increase from $4,316 for 2006-07 to $4,374 in 2007-08.

Discussions are early. The district plans to have a budget overview session July 23 and a budget hearing Aug. 13 before certifying the 2007-08 budget on Aug. 25.

Meanwhile, negotiations with the Lawrence Education Association continue today. And the district estimates it has about $1.64 million in unrestricted general fund money that can be spent on items such as salary increases.


KsTwister 10 years, 11 months ago

Incompetence is rampant in Lawrence. Of our tax money the raise of 5.9 mill increase in 2006 goes to USD 497 now and they still can't manage? $31 million to rebuild South Jr.High,more virtual school students and State Aid to special education and still they want more??!!! Student enrollment of 10003 students for 2006 says the $600k they are needing will net them more than $58 per student after the first year and taxes are never dropped. Protests from taxpayers needed now.

salad 10 years, 11 months ago

The only reason they keep needing more and more money, is because the public keeps giving it to em. South Jr. High was built in 1968; same year as my house. Amazingly, I manage to make due and keep up the maintainence as needed. The school district? Tear down the old and pour $31 million into a brand new building!!! Why? Because they can. Will tax payers ever revolt? Naw!!! We say, "It's for the children...." and you guys just rollover, empty your pocket books, and give those millionaire administrators anything they want.

KsTwister 10 years, 11 months ago

It appears South isn't a new building but a remodeling that costs as much as a new.

justthefacts 10 years, 11 months ago

I know I may be "spitting into the fan" (etc.) but when are people and officials going to realize that there will eventually be a price to pay for constantly living on credit?

We/they cannot simply keep raising taxes and spending money people do not have or cannot afford. Governmental entities and invidduals must all learn (and fast - it may already be too late) to live within their means. By robbing Peter (tomorrow) to fund Paul (all the WANTS [not need] of today) we are going to bankrupt ourselves and our nation.

Please, if you have any degree of responsibility and common sense, unite to oppose spending more more and more money. There are many things that we would all like to have or give to others. We simply cannot afford to keep spending like there is no tomorrow! There has got to be some way to scale back the scope and cost of government services. The public and its leaders must realize that the piggy bank is about empty.

Confrontation 10 years, 11 months ago

All these tax increases and no teaching standard increases. If the teachers want more money, then earn it. Show that your students have truly benefitted from your low college GPA.

Richard Heckler 10 years, 11 months ago

There is plenty of documentation out there about the high taxes of bedroom communities. Housing does not pay for itself which is nothing new. When saying housing is expanding the tax base it really means expanding the tax bills. These communities lack the higher paying light industrial employment which also pay higher property taxes yet require less infrastructure than retail.

A MONEY/ICR poll conducted in the spring asked 1,005 Americans two open-ended questions about what mattered most to them in a place to live. Here's what they said.

If you were moving, what would be the most important characteristic your new town should have?

**14% Job opportunities - Lawrence needs a lot of help

**11% Good schools - The Lawrence bedroom community places more demand on the system but little choice as to where new revenue comes from.

**9% Low crime rate - More population growth brings more crime thus LPD increases its' budget which may well be the largest ticket item. Shut down Last Call and Coyote Club.

**8% Good arts and leisure scene - Lawrence should further promote the art scene to increase tourism dollars cuz folks come spend their money,enjoy themselves,maybe spend a night or two then go home. Promote the existing money making resources instead of spending millions and millions trying to create something that may not work.

6% Nice weather

5% Quality health care

**5% Lack of congestion - Lawrence growth only increases congestion thus increases the maintenance budget

What do you dislike most about your current hometown?

16% Too much congestion

9% High crime rate

7% Lack of job opportunities

7% Poor arts and leisure scene

**5% High taxes/cost of living - Lawrence is striving to be the most expensive city in Kansas which might be a hidden cost of growth.

4% People here "aren't like me."

4% Poor municipal services

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