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Texan sentenced to 91 years for shooting Hutchinson officer

June 23, 2007


— A Texas man who shot a Hutchinson police officer has been sentenced to more than 91 years in prison for the 2005 shooting and nine other crimes.

Reno County District Judge Richard Rome on Thursday ordered Tracallen W. Streeter, 46, to serve the sentence consecutively to the more than 50 years he is currently serving for stabbing another inmate at Sedgwick County jail.

Streeter shot officer Mike Robinson in the left calf after he was stopped for a tail light violation in 2005. Streeter tried to shoot at Robinson again, but his gun jammed before he drove away, taking his passenger with him. He was also accused of trying to shoot at other officers who were attempting to capture him.

The judge denied motions from Streeter's attorney, Alice Osburn, who requested a new trial, new judgment and departure from sentencing.

When given a chance to speak about the case, Streeter commented only about the traffic violation for driving with an inoperable tail light.

"I don't want it to affect my insurance - that's all I have to say," Streeter said, adding everything else "is not going to affect me at all."

Streeter was sentenced to 82 years in prison on three counts of attempted first-degree murder; more than five years for kidnapping; more than three years on two counts of criminal possession of a firearm; and more than one year in prison for possession of meth.

He was also convicted of possessing meth without tax stamps; two counts of aggravated assault for pointing his gun at officers; trafficking contraband in a correctional facility; and driving with an inoperable tail light.


erod0723 10 years, 5 months ago

"He was also convicted of possessing meth without tax stamps" Gotta love the government taxing illegal goods... What's next? A death tax? Oh wait....

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