Letters to the Editor

Effort appreciated

June 23, 2007


To the editor:

Thank you, Bart Dean and Charles Bartles. Good luck to you in your battle to unite the military and the civilian forces of the United States in the global war on terror (Journal-World, June 22). Now if we can get the Departments of State, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Treasury, Justice, Transportation and Agriculture into the battle, the world may have a chance at winning over this scourge of terrorism.

All of the representation from Kansas University really needs to be lauded on this. It is just as good to see a team from academia in this battle as it is to see a good squad of soldiers doing their job - and it is hands down just as important, if not more so. After two tours in Afghanistan, I thank you for your participation in the effort.

American servicemen and women all know that they work for the civilian government. Knowing this and seeing that participation in the process builds the morale of the services and the country. Make your positive piece more widely known. Maybe even the media will take a bigger part in the positive issues going on.

As Felix Moos stated, we all "have a stake in this" and it's clear that, right now, WE "don't think we're doing anyone any favors." That is clearly seen in the political arena.

Gentleman, thank you for your participation in the process from many service members, like myself.

Doug Plummer,



Ragingbear 11 years ago

What the heck are they feeding our soldiers? They just drugging the food outright now?

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