Lawrence and Douglas County

Lawrence and Douglas county

New crop art features butterfly from stamp

June 21, 2007


Local crop artist's latest work ready for premier

National pollinator week is coming up and world famous crop artist Stan Herd is helping raise awareness with his latest work. Enlarge video

Rain has put Stan Herd behind about a week, but the world-famous crop artist from Lawrence will unveil another work at 11 a.m. Monday at Pendleton's Country Market, 1446 E. 1858 Road.

His newest creation is a replica of the new postage stamp depicting a Southern Dogface butterfly.

"I grew up on a farm, so I'm kind of aware of the pollination of the crops, and it was intriguing to me that some of the species are having some trouble," he said.

Herd said he wanted to get involved in something that had a national scope, and he liked the idea of using his work as a platform for discussion. It has taken him about a month to create the piece, which includes marigolds, purple petunias, mulch and sand.

At the unveiling will be Chip Taylor, a professor of insect ecology at Kansas University, who will speak about the decreasing amount of wild pollinators. Richard Watkins, spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service and Judy Raney, Lawrence postmaster, will discuss the issuance of a block of four "pollinator" stamps.


nigella 10 years, 12 months ago

Just a quick note: the unveiling on Monday is a media day for news-folk to come and take pictures and learn about the stamp collection and subsequent crop art.

The general public is invited out to Pendleton farms on Saturday, June 30th, for a second day issuing of the stamp. There will be educational tents where people can learn about each of the pollinators from 8am-6pm, and the post office will be hand-canceling stamps from 11-2. A forty foot scissor lift will also allow guests a bird's eye view of the crop art.

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