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Burroughs project featured in exhibit

June 21, 2007


A Lawrence artist's collaboration with the late William S. Burroughs is among exhibits at the La Biennale de Montreal 2007, one of the world's major contemporary art festivals.

Roger Holden began collaborating on a piece with Burroughs in spring 1996 by asking the author to shoot several holes into a concave Plexiglass mirror. Burroughs often used various guns in making pieces of artwork, and he consented to Holden's request.

Holden sent the work in 2000 to Canadian artist Chris Cran, who completed the work and submitted it to the festival.

Holden collaborated with Burroughs before in work shown at Ports of Entry at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1996 as well as the Spencer Museum of Art.


Paul R Getto 11 years ago

Hmmmmmm.never thought of it before; maybe thats what Vice Pres Cheney was doing when he blasted the old guy in Texas.......making art?

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