Letters to the Editor

Empty shelves

June 20, 2007


To the editor:

In light of the recent editorial about Just Food, it may be helpful to offer some clarification. Just Food, rather than a new agency, is a new partnership of four existing Lawrence agencies: ECKAN, Salvation Army, Pelathe and Trinity Interfaith pantries. Its goal is to create a more consistent supply of food to fill pantry shelves so that all community members have sufficient food every single day.

Unfortunately, it is a goal that Lawrence is not currently meeting. The nine pantries in Lawrence are able to provide food to a family or individual, at best, only once each month, some only once every three months. All pantries are seeing a very significant increase in requests for food. The majority of those needing food are children, elders and those with disabilities.

Just Food is trying to find ways to involve more community members in becoming food gatherers. Numbers of local congregations have stepped forward to gather food at least once each month for the partner pantries. The result of more active food collections have made a significant difference in stocking pantry shelves. We welcome other Lawrence pantries to join these collaborative efforts.

Many in the Lawrence community enjoy great abundance in their lives. Sharing what we have through regular donations of food to Just Food will benefit all the member pantries and those they serve. ECKAN, a long-standing agency in Douglas County, serves as the focal point for collections of food. Anyone wishing to make food donations and/or recruit their congregation or social group to help with this effort can contact ECKAN at 841-3357.

Ann Weick,



pelliott 11 years ago

Gosh, I wish I could see the hours and times it is good to drop off food. I wish I could find an easily accesable site as I have more extra can goods than i have knees.

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