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Woman, 9 months pregnant, missing

June 19, 2007


— A pregnant woman vanished from her home, leaving behind broken furniture, a pool of bleach on the floor and just one witness - a 2-year-old son who told police, "Mommy's crying ... Mommy's in the rug."

Investigators would not elaborate on the meaning of the child's statement, but a bed comforter was missing from Jessie Davis' home.

Authorities said Monday they had no suspects in the disappearance of Davis, 26, who is nine months pregnant.

Davis' mother, Patricia Porter, was the last person to have a conversation with Davis when she spoke to her daughter Wednesday by phone. Police and 60 to 70 volunteers searched over the weekend but found no leads.

"You just feel absolutely numb," Porter said. "I see her picture on television and I think, 'Oh my God, what a beautiful girl.' And then it hits you, 'That's my girl."'

Porter, 60, discovered the toddler alone when she went to check on her daughter Friday morning. The home's sliding patio door was unlocked, and Davis' car was still at the duplex.

"My God something's wrong!" Porter said in a 911 call. Her daughter "would never, ever" leave the child behind, she told the emergency dispatcher.

Porter also was recorded saying the father of the boy and Davis' unborn daughter, Canton police patrolman Bobby Cutts Jr., was to drop off the boy at the home on Thursday.

Rick Perez, chief deputy at the Stark County Sheriff's Department, would not comment on the relationship between Cutts and Davis. Perez said Cutts and his estranged wife are among those cooperating with investigators.

Cutts, 30, and his wife had at least one child together.

Porter said that when she didn't hear from her daughter Thursday, she went to Davis' home and found her grandson, Blake, wearing a dirty diaper.

The mattress in Davis' bedroom was partially off the bed, a night stand and lamp had been knocked over and bleach had been poured on the bedroom floor, Porter said.

Davis' son later told detectives: "Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy's in the rug."

Items from Davis' purse were scattered on the kitchen floor. Davis' cell phone also is missing, investigators said.

"Knowing my daughter, she was so immaculate that anything out of place in my mind seemed like shambles," Porter said.


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