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Brownback aide rebuked for anti-Mormon e-mail

June 18, 2007


— An aide to GOP presidential candidate Sam Brownback has been reprimanded for sending e-mail to Iowa Republican leaders in an apparent attempt to draw unfavorable scrutiny to rival Mitt Romney's Mormonism.

Republican presidential hopefuls Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., left, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney take part in a political debate in Manchester, N.H., in this June 5 file photo. A campaign aide for Brownback has been reprimanded for sending derogatory e-mails concerning Romney's Mormon faith.

Republican presidential hopefuls Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., left, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney take part in a political debate in Manchester, N.H., in this June 5 file photo. A campaign aide for Brownback has been reprimanded for sending derogatory e-mails concerning Romney's Mormon faith.

Emma Nemecek, the southeastern Iowa field director for Brownback's presidential campaign and a former state representative candidate, violated campaign policy when she forwarded the June 6 e-mail from an interest group raising the questions, the Brownback campaign said Sunday.

The e-mail requested help in fact-checking a series of statements about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Among the statements: "Theologically, the only thing Christianity and the LDS church has in common is the name of Jesus Christ, and the LDS Jesus is not the same Jesus of the Christian faith" and "The LDS church has never been accepted by the Christian Council of Churches."

"Senator Brownback completely disavows himself of this and any personal attacks on religion," said Brian Hart, a spokesman for the Kansas senator. Hart said the campaign apologized to Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, once they learned of the e-mail.

"It was not originated by Ms. Nemecek and the purpose was to fact-check. But it was in violation of campaign policy and it won't happen again," he said.

The controversy comes as Brownback and Romney are scrambling to attract socially conservative voters in advance of Iowa's Jan. 14, 2008, caucuses.

Both candidates say they are ardently anti-abortion, although Brownback - a former Methodist who has become an evangelical Roman Catholic - has criticized Romney for supporting abortion rights as recently as two and a half years ago.

A spokesman for Romney's Iowa campaign, Tim Albrecht, said the campaign accepted Brownback's apology but called the incident "unfortunate."

"It's unfortunate that these attacks of religious bigotry were taking place," Albrecht said. "Sen. Brownback has apologized and we are glad he has worked to minimize these repugnant attacks in his campaign. There is just no place for these types of attacks in America today."


speedykitty 11 years ago

Nixon a Mormon? Come on, check your facts.

Nixon was a Quaker; nominal, perhaps, but still a Quaker.

Katie Van Blaricum 11 years ago

Nixon wasn't a Mormon. And um....the Jesus of the Mormon faith is pretty much the same Jesus as the other "Christian" faiths. Sometimes it seems like they put Joseph Smith above Jesus, though they will try to reassure you they don't. And yes, if you were watching The Daily Show last week, Mormons DO wear sacred underwear!

ladysilk 11 years ago

Looks like several people here have some homework to do...

Maroni? Try Moroni Magic Underwear? Try garments

The Mormon faith is a way of life and not just a religion. This faith is going to seep into everything this man does because that is the way of the church. The church is one of the largest corporations in the US if you take time to look at all of their holdings. I want to see how heavy they are backing Romney with church funds disguised as private funds from church members and corporations.

Godot 11 years ago

"an interest group"????? What is the name of the group?

acg 11 years ago

Wikipedia can't be cited as a legitimate source. Any online site that can be edited at will can't be cited as a legitimate source. It's just wrong!

yourworstnightmare 11 years ago

Sunni mormons versus catholic shiites.

Conflict is in the nature of religious thought.

Idiots all.

yourworstnightmare 11 years ago

"Nixon, was a good president."

Indeed. Nixon completed the Great Society programs initiated under Kennedy and Johnson (civil rights, americans with disabilities, etc.). He also signed legislation that formed the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Too bad he was also a paranoid authoritarian nutcase.

Wilbur_Nether 11 years ago

spywell wrote "Quaker , morman [six], hutterrights [sic], there [sic] all the same to me...."

Uh, wow. That statements reveals a fairly shocking lack of understanding of even very basic theologic principles.

Confrontation 11 years ago

The Mormon "stories" are just as reliable as the Christian "stories" are just as reliable as the Muslim "stories" are just as reliable as the Jewish "stories," etc., etc., etc.

blackwalnut 11 years ago

Nixon was a crook, however he did some good with China and he was a competent saint compared to the crooks in the White House now.

yourworstnightmare 11 years ago

Paraphrasing Christopher Hitchens, mormonism gives us a glimpse of the corrupt and bankrupt origins of religion. The mists of time have clouded the origins of judaism, xtianity, and islam, but the idiocy underlying mormonism happened but 150 years ago and is plain for all to see.

What difference is there between a burning bush and golden plates? Between christ rising from the dead and coming to the new world? Between all manner of behavioral edicts and bigamy? The former were reported 2000+ years ago and the latter but 150.

Seems that every time Joseph Smith wanted to sleep with a new young woman, he miraculaously had another revelation from god telling him to do just that.

blackwalnut 11 years ago

Mormons believe one cannot reach the higher level of the Celestial Kingdom without being baptised in the Mormon Church and following Joseph Smith's teachings. It is not enough to accept Jesus Christ as one's savior. Those who accepted Jesus but are not baptised Mormons get to be servants to the Mormons in the Celestial Kingdom. There are many kingdoms, because any good Mormon can become a god and, along with his goddess, take over and populate their own planet. This is LDS church doctrine. (I couldn't make this stuff up.)

blackwalnut 11 years ago

Everything in the wikipedia in max1's post above is on the LDS church website here:

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