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Suspect arrested in home robbery

June 12, 2007


Lawrence police have arrested one man they believe was involved in a robbery late Sunday in the 100 block of Arkansas Street, and they're looking for two more suspects.

A 16-year-old Lawrence girl told police that three men were in her home about 11 p.m. when one of them pulled a gun and ordered her to the floor. The men did not force their way inside, said Lawrence police spokeswoman Kim Murphree.

Ignoring the man, the teen ran after one of the other men who had gone into another room. She yanked off his hooded sweatshirt, causing some of the $1,100 in cash he had taken to fly out its pockets. That man then ran through the front door but lost his shoes outside, police said.

Meanwhile, the 16-year-old said she went into the living room, where the man with the gun tried to fire at her. She said she heard a click but no shots were fired. That man then fled out the front door, she told police.

The girl said her stepbrother initially had been asleep but woke up and had an altercation with the third man before chasing the man out the back door.

About 45 minutes later, police arrested a 19-year-old Lawrence man on charges of aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary. Officers found $55 on the man, who had been walking near Sixth and Maine streets. They recovered no weapon, but Murphree said he is thought to be the man with the gun at the home.

Police also have opened a second investigation in the case.

After obtaining a search warrant for the victims' residence, officers found $1,102 in cash from a freezer, drug paraphernalia, a set of scales, plastic bags and residue consistent with marijuana, according to a police report.

Police on Monday were still seeking a 23-year-old man and a 19-year-old man in connection with the robbery incident.


minko224 11 years ago

Let me get this right, people are robbed, they call the police, the police arrive, get a search warrant and arrest the people who were robbed. Great story.

Sigmund 11 years ago

Sounds like an idiot drug usre/dealer to me. If this doesn't prove to you that using drugs makes you "stoopid", nothing ever will. I mean just how many brain cells have to die before you fail to comprehend that if you're dealing or your dealer rips you off, do not to call the cops or you will get busted as well. The funniest thing is she probably feels this is the special "Boog" municipal violation but in fact this is the old fashioned State of Kansas Douglas County criminal offense.

The LJW Online needs a new section under Local. Call it "Druggies Do The Darnest Things."

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