Bus driver shares unsavory end-of-school experience

I wanted to share what was for me the worst end-of-year experience in my seven years of driving a school bus for Laidlaw.

Due to the fact that I had to exercise some discipline toward a handful of students throughout the year, it seems they decided to have a payback at my expense on the last day of school. Some students that ride at the back of Bus 27 from Southwest Junior High apparently thought it would be either funny or down right malicious to trash the bus with food items: rotten bananas, oranges, bread rolls, sand or kitty litter. I think more the latter since it appeared to have been a planned event with one student videotaping the occasion.

I reported this both to the school administration at SWJH and to my boss. The reaction I got was not totally surprising to me. Apathy might be a proper word here. From my boss’s standpoint, what can he do? With me having to keep my eyes on the road and only glancing in the mirror periodically, I really can’t identify the culprits.

What was done did affect others much more than myself. Due to time constraints in my not being able to get things cleaned up, it resulted in the students of Quail Run having to ride home in that mess. What a fine impression of you that left with them. And it also resulted in time and effort wasted in getting the bus cleaned for other summer activities. But most importantly, what you really accomplished is sullying the reputation of your school and most of all your own integrity.

I could name names, as I do have a very good idea who you are, but I won’t. You know who you are. For the other students, I want you to know that I cherish every moment that I have you on the bus. You are a pleasure to be around and have around, and I thank you for being the fine young people that you are.