Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival 2007

Visitors bring comforts of home along to festival

June 10, 2007


Past Event
Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival 2007

featuring Widespread Panic, Medeski Martin & Wood, Yonder Mountain String Band, and more TBA

  • When: Sunday, June 10, 2007, time TBA
  • Where: Clinton State Park, Clinton Lake, Lawrence
  • Cost: $119 - $435
  • More on this event....

Carpeting. Covered tables. Three-seater lounges. Cold-water buckets to dunk the feet.

Wakarusa 2007: Robyn Mascolino of the Yonder Mountain String Band crew

Robyn Mascolino, of the Yonder Mountain String Band crew talks about the band's turn on the stage. Enlarge video

"What am I missing?" Stacy Peters said Saturday, standing near her shady 11-by-20-foot "living room" in the camping area of the Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival. "A personal shuttle - I'd be OK with that."

For four days, the festival is a home away from home for thousands of music lovers. And many of the revelers take their "homes" very seriously.

Their sardined rows of tarps, tents and automobiles hover around the festival's stage areas, forming a small, temporary city.

Wakarusa 2007: Danielle Strasser of St. Louis, Mo.

Danielle Strasser of St. Louis, Mo. explains her appreciation of the recycling and dancing at the Wakarusa Festival. Enlarge video

Some festivalgoers bring a particular zeal to homemaking.

They set up cozy gathering spaces. They decorate with flags and blankets. They pen makeshift signs.

And they admire their festival "homes."

"You can sleep four people in there," Mark Hoerl said on Saturday, sitting in the shade and gesturing to a nearby Volkswagen bus. "There's a sink in there. There's running water, a refrigerator, a stove."

Wakarusa 2007: Josh Thompson of Gaasville, Ark.

Josh Thompson describes his experiences at the Wakarusa Festival. Enlarge video

The Smithville, Mo., resident and his bus were part of a small block of Volkswagens situated together in one field. Open vehicle doors revealed kitchens ready for cooking with beds ready for naptime.

"They're the Swiss Army knife of vehicles," Hoerl said of his beloved vehicle.

To Tim Dierks and Jenn Gronoski of Waterloo, Iowa, their 1966 Volkswagen Dormobile is more than a mode of transportation.

Wakarusa 2007: KP Hauge of Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.

KP Hauge of Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. is on a mission to seek out new interesting forms of music. Enlarge video

"Everything we need is in it," Gronoski said. "It's home. I look forward to seeing it when I'm walking back from a show."

Leawood resident Kyle Teahan's tent stood tall in its neighborhood, with bold stripes of red, white and blue.

"You can find it if you're lost," he said. "It's always lit up at night."

The area included three grills and was surrounded by tiki torches, in three different sizes.

Wakarusa 2007: Grant Andrews of Topeka

Grant Andrews of Topeka shows his enthusiasm for the festival. Enlarge video

"Anything we could possibly need," he said.

Wakarusa 2007: Trey Hornbeck of Overland Park

Trey Hornbeck of Overland Park talks about the fun he's had at the festival. Enlarge video


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