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Goings On - By John Clifford

June 10, 2007


Goings On

I'd been brooding, feeling alone,

thinking there's nothing

going on in my life. Then

I noticed the wind sending

scrappy bits of paper

bouncing along the street.

I thought:

paper scraps are going on.

I looked up:

at green tree-tops nodding, and

white clouds sailing beneath

the bright glaze of blue moisture

that colors the sky of Earth.

I looked down, where

wildly dancing grass and weeds

so amused two rosy bushes

they leaned together

and shook with laughter.

Appreciation smiled in me

'til I had to chuckle at myself.

Only an ego

can think itself alone.

I do not breathe my Self,

or pump my heart

each moment of my day.

Inside and out,

life is always going on.

Nothing can be

separate from the whole -

including you, including me.

- John Clifford lives in Lawrence.


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