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Bush urges Congress to pass immigration bill

June 10, 2007


— President Bush, calling the nation's current immigration situation unacceptable, urged senators to try again to pass legislation that he described as imperfect but the best option available.

In his weekly Saturday radio address, Bush said the bill would not grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, that they would have to pay fines and take other steps to get on a path to legal status and possibly citizenship.

"Securing the border and upholding family values are not partisan concerns," the president said. "They must be addressed, and this bill is the best way to do it."

Bush recorded his address Friday in Germany where he was attending a summit with other world leaders.

The White House and a bipartisan group of senators drafted the wide-ranging bill, but they could not overcome steady attacks from the left and right during weeks of Senate wrangling. When the Senate failed Thursday to end debate and schedule a vote, Democratic leaders set the bill aside with no promise of reviving it.


mick 11 years ago

The bill is a compromise between the ulra right and the ultra left. The majority are left with wage suppression and higher taxes. How about trying to legislate from the middle? We need term limits for Senators!

colleen_yuan 11 years ago

MASS LAYOFFS: I think it was year 2001 when the H1B Visa Cap was raised to 195,000 per year. The result... Mass Layoffs in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. Now it is 2007 and in the last 2 weeks, mass layoffs have been announced by IBM, Motorola and Dell. The H1B program adversely affects American Workers and their families... causes unemployment, inability to pay their mortgages, causes divorced and tears Families of US Citizens apart.

EEO: Equal Employment Opportunities, EEO, the Law of The Land is routinely denied and depived to American Workers.

DISCRIMINATION: The Senate Judiciary committee on Immigration provides a report to congress once per year. Here is their latest report...

CRS Report For Congress, Immigration, April 24, 2007 Immigration of Foreign Workers: Labor Market Tests and Protections

go to the section (toards the end) entitled "Certification versus Attestation" and

it says: BEGIN QUOTE:

  • Many (corporations) argue that the labor market tests in the INA in their current forms are insufficiently flexible, entail burdensome regulations, and may pose potential litigation expenses for employers.

  • Proponents (corporations) of these views support extensive changes - particularly moving:

  • FROM: labor certification based upon documented actions (i.e., evidence of recruitment advertisements)

  • TO: a streamlined attestation of intent. These advocates of streamlining maintain it would increase the speed with which employers could hire foreign workers and reduce the government's role in delaying or blocking such employment.


This is outragious. Corporations are saying, in writing, that they prefer to completely bypass the American Workers so they can more quickly fill these positions with Foreign Workers.

With information technology, it is less "burdensome" for corporations to simply "place an order" for Foreign Workers with one of the big 3 staffing firms... Adecco, ManPower or Robert Half International.

Then all the mom and pop firms and H1B only resume blasters provide a supply source of H1B Visa only resumes.

It's less burdensome on corporations if Congress allows them to discriminate against American Workers.

Will Congress grant them permission to discriminate?

I brought this to the attention of Senator Richard Durbin and he laughed.

Senator Durbin also voted for cloture on the evening of June 7, 2007.

It is my sense that our Senators are not concerned about losing their jobs during their next election.

MERIT SYSTEM AWARDS (DISCRIMINATION): The Merit System awards points for visa candidates whose age is less than 40... and this stuff was written by attorneys who are very familiar with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ADEA - Age Discrimination In Employment Act of 1967, EEOC UGESP - Universal Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. H1Bs, go home.

ImmigrantNation 11 years ago

I think WE NEED qualified workers and that is the BIGGEST + of this bill. Point-based/Merit Based Green Card system. Check out the online point calculator based on this new bill ! -

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