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Wal-Mart fan

June 9, 2007


To the editor:

Well, I like Wal-Mart.

And, judging by the number of cars in the parking lot of that great store, I'm not the only one. Enough said.

Winifred Lynch,



Nick Yoho 11 years ago

A lot of folks like cigarettes too,Winifred, but that doesn't make them good for you.Enough said?

Just like Big tobacco,Wal-Mart has lots of highly paid publicist and lawyers.They are very good at making the public perceive something bad for them is actually good for them!

I highly recommend you Google Wal-Mart.Read the good and bad,then decide if you want to support such a company.I'd wager most Wal-Mart defenders know very little about the company(cult).More likely,the only Wal-Mart news they get,is the ad flier,in the free Wednesday "River City Pulse".

Personally, aside from all the human/worker rights reasons not to shop there,I just don't like to buy cheap Chinese crap.

I actively look for clothes made in the USA,of instance. For me,jobs leaving the country,matters,so that is ONE thing I can do about it. I'd also prefer to support stores that pay a living wage,but thats just me....Peace

kansas778 11 years ago

KawValleyKid--People have been crying the blues about jobs leaving the US for what, 40 years? Yet our unemployment remains far below countries like Canada and France. So what's really happening? What's happening is our capitalist economy is so strong that we export these low paying jobs to other countries because they wouldn't pay enough for Americans to do them. Would you work in a shoe factory for minimum wage? And why don't you want the people in China to have jobs? The Chinese middle class is growing rapidly thanks to their country's free market policies, so why do you want that country to remain in poverty?

coneflower 11 years ago

Well, what a compelling and well thought-out position. I especially like how she laid out her analysis of how her behavior impacts others.

blackwalnut 11 years ago

And we have yet another positive headline for Walmart from the Journal World: Walmart fan, wheeeeee!!!! They made sure to put the word "Walmart" and the word "fan" in the headline so everyone, even people who don't read the article, even people who merely scan the editorial page looking for Cal Thomas, will instantly see that a reader thinks that Walmart is good!

But let someone write a letter from the other side and the Journal World stick on a headline like "No Benefit" - so meaningless it doesn't even convey the subject of the letter, or that it's about Walmart.

Biased biased biased.

blackwalnut 11 years ago

And this article, mentioned by a sharp-eyed poster above, about how Wal-Mart has 40,000 pounds of meat contaminated with e.coli, does not even have the word Wal-Mart in the headline:

Ground beef recalled in Kansas, other states

The meat all went to Wal-Mart stores, but Wal-Mart is not in the headline.

Shameless bias on the part of the Journal-World. Your safety is at stake, and Journal-World protects Wal-Mart.

karensisson 11 years ago

62 million people voted for George W. Bush.

Enough said.

coneflower 11 years ago


You're on every Wal-Mart threat, I see.

blackwalnut 11 years ago

right_thinker said: If Kansas changed liquor laws, I'd go to one place and one place only to for one-stop shopping: Wal-Mart.

Doesn't need any comment.

Richard Heckler 11 years ago

One Wal Mart is plenty!
No to a second Wal-Mart

YES to local merchants and Downtown

Nick Yoho 11 years ago

ks778, your comments assume too much.Our economy has actually been supported by the Chinese buying our government debt for the last oh, SIX YEARS. I am actually very concerned about the labor people in China,unfortunately Wal-Mart isn't.Thats why they supply you with cheap plastic crap made by teenage girls who are locked in sweatshops 12+hours per day.

Take your "Americans wont work for that wage" coments over to the immigration thread.Nobody should have to work for minimum wage.A living wage is the only thing that is realistic.

Why is it ks,you want Chinese people to have jobs that your fellow Americans could fill?

ok, no more posting for me tonight,too many copperheads.... Peace

kansas778 11 years ago

Are the beggers part of downtown Lawrence's charm? I'd rather go to WalMart and shop among the normal people any day...

Kat Christian 11 years ago

AnxiousA: your comment about the sort of cars in the Walmart parking lot is just plain ignorant. I'm sure a lot of people who go there are college educated and then some. I've seen them, I'm one of them too. So the type of car you drive doesn't equate with the type of person one it.

Blackwalnut: as for the bad meat if it came from Tyson's I'm not surprised. They've been having issues with their chicken for years.

There are many reasons why people shop there. Convenience for one and prices for sure. Yes, I whole-heartedly agree and vote for a living-wage in all businesses. I was on the committee that helped bring it into reality in Lawrence. I work a full-time job for a huge corporation yet my last raise was .35 cents and I don't make $11.00 yet. It will take me 4 years to make the hourly wage I made in MD before I left 9 years ago. Sad isn't it? Until then Walmart is attractive to my budget. It disturbs me how they treat their employees but no worse than other corporations in this country - which many are employed even here in Lawrence. But that's reality too. I'd love to shop downtown and support Lawrence ecconomy but that's just a dream for me. At this time all I can do is window shop. When I go into a downtown store and know I can buy the same exact thing at Walmart for almost half the price well you know where I'll go. I have to be realistic or I won't be able to pay my rent. As for another Walmart store here in Lawrence. Do we really need one? I think we need a roller/ice rink more than we need another store. That's my take on this issue.

Nick Yoho 10 years, 10 months ago

The jobs leaving the country are not the low paying jobs silly,they are the semi skilled jobs,the good ones.The jobs replacing them are mostly service industry jobs and ones like at walmart.Yes I'd like to have US made shoes.good luck with that.95% of shoes are made in China.99% of the ones on Americans feet are.

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