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Man, 40, arraigned for attack in home

June 2, 2007


A 40-year-old Lawrence man with a history of domestic battery arrests was arraigned Friday in Douglas County District Court on charges of aggravated assault and criminal restraint.

Jeffrey Alan Belaire was arrested Thursday morning after an incident in which a woman reported that he attacked and then held her against her will at a residence in the 1700 block of East 1300 Road.

No weapons were involved.

The woman who filed the report had been the victim of a previous domestic battery case against Belaire in 2005.

Brenda Clary, assistant district attorney, said in court Friday that Belaire had five prior arrests for domestic battery incidents, three of those resulting in convictions. He also has been involved in a disorderly conduct incident.

District Court Judge Stephen Six set Belaire's bond at $5,000, despite his request for a lower amount.

Belaire faces between 11 months and 34 months in prison if convicted of the aggravated battery charge; one year in prison and $25,000 in fines if convicted of criminal restraint.

His next court appearance is a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 14.

CORRECTION: According to the Douglas County District Attorney's Office, Jeffrey Alan Belaire was convicted of only one prior domestic battery charge. In 2005, he was charged with domestic battery, but the charge was dismissed at the victim's request.


icallbullshiat 11 years ago

It would be interesting to know if all of these domestic incidents involved the same woman.

Confrontation 11 years ago

This jerk should never have been let out of jail. He'll spend a little time in jail, and then he'll terrorize her, again. When will the lawmakers start valuing women?

Dusty Murphy 11 years ago

The better question is when will women start valuing their lives enough to get away from abusers?

leadrain 11 years ago

Heres something for folks who have an affinity for the dry and tasteless....... " What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes?"

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