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Charity reports record donations

June 2, 2007


Three charities will benefit from a record month for Cans for the Community, a nonprofit group that recycles aluminum cans and donates the proceeds to other nonprofits.

Community Living Opportunities, Douglas County Visiting Nurses and Friends of the Kaw will receive $500 each from the project.

Since May 2005, Cans for the Community has collected more than 1 million cans and has donated $15,000 to 29 charities.

The organization's goals for this year are to reach the $20,000 mark in donations and have another 50 businesses host boxes.

"We have been astounded at the results we have received from the community," said Linda Klinker, one of seven volunteer board members for the organization.

In order to collect the cans, the organization has eight drop-off points and 50 local businesses with recycling boxes in their buildings. It also recycles after football tailgating in the fall.


pelliott 10 years, 11 months ago

Hey that is great.

I use the drop off at Trinity I visited the Cans for Community web site and i am pasting a list of the drop offs. I hope I am not being redudant. Aluminum can recycling bins are distributed to participating businesses in Douglas County. Volunteers service these bins regularly. There are also seven aluminum can recycling drop-off bins for households and smaller businesses located at:

* Checkers, 23rd and Louisiana Street
* Hy-Vee, 6th and Monterey Way
* Hy-Vee, 3504 Clinton Parkway
* Immanuel Lutheran Church, 15th (Bob Billings Pkwy) and Iowa Street
* Mass Beverage, next to Target
* Miller Mart, Wakarusa Drive and Clinton Parkway
* Trinity Lutheran Church, 1245 New Hampshire Street

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