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4-H and FCE news

June 2, 2007


The Stull Family and Community Education unit will meet at 9:30 a.m. Friday at Deal Six Auditorium at the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds, 2110 Harper St. The program will be on the history of Haskell Indian Nations University. Members are reminded to bring donations for the Lecompton Food Pantry. Members will eat lunch at a restaurant after the meeting.

¢The May meeting of the Lone Star 4-H Club was called to order by Christine Caffey, president. Song leaders Rowan Plinsky and Megan Williams led the club in "You Are My Sunshine." Members answered roll call by naming their favorite flower. Grant Metsker, County Council representative, announced dates for camp, and the upcoming Bromelsick Memorial Service. He also asked members to sign up to bring items for the chemotherapy kits that will be given to breast cancer patients as a citizenship project.

Leader Mary Berg thanked members for working at the Auto Swap Meet. The fundraiser was a success again this year. She announced the club's shifts for the concession stand and other setup times for the county fair.

Under old business, the club discussed 4-H Sunday. Members were thanked for their participation in the event at the Lone Star Church of the Brethren. Under new business, the club discussed ways of helping the victims of the Greensburg tornado. The members voted to send $150 to the Kansas 4-H Foundation earmarked to help Kiowa County 4-H members. Steve Williams volunteered to coordinate fair schedules. The club sang "Happy Birthday" to Leslie Queen. Chris Berg gave a presentation on the dog care and training project, and Rowan Plinsky discussed the Away with Waste project. Graduating members were recognized and congratulated. The Narcomey and Parker families served snacks.

¢The Meadowlark 4-H Club met at the Pendleton Farm on May 8. Will Pendleton, president, called the meeting to order. Members answered roll call by talking about their summer plans.

Shelby Miller read the minutes from the last meeting, and they were approved. Louis Hamel gave the treasurer's report. The council report listed the times that the club would be working at the pop trailer. The committee report stated that each club needs to submit three kits for people who are undergoing chemo-therapy. 4-H Friendship Night is set for Sept. 29. The 4-H leader told the club about a Horticulture Camp on July 9-12.

In new business, the concession stand might be open June 23. Skylar Evans moved to adjourn the meeting, and the club pledge and motto were recited.


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