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Kansas Girl

July 29, 2007


Kansas, you are my friend

You took me in when I was young

I came from Colorado

Your golden stems of waving wheat

Tumbleweeds rolling by my feet

Army ants marching single file

Morning doves cooing at the break of day

Albino owls mating in the light

Of a full moon Kansas night

Kansas, you haunt me with your

Beauty night and day

Rolling thunder across the high plateau

Sweet and cold rust tainted water from the well

Waking up to a cloudless Kansas sky

Meadowlark perched on a gray splintered post

Ominous clouds roll across this land

All run to hide through the cellar door

Where jars fill to the brim with your bounty

All this and more make me want to stay

In this beautiful place that is God's country

Kansas, when I'm with you

I think I am in heaven

- Ronda J. Miller lives in Lawrence.


jonas 10 years, 9 months ago

Which century is this again? I read that and forgot.
But it did inspire me to write a song myself.

Kansas Boy Drivin' in my truck.
See that dude look at me wrong.
Let's go kick his a$$.

Well, it's a haiku, but that still counts.

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