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Prosecutors drop terror charge, free Indian doctor

July 28, 2007


— An Indian doctor was set free Friday after Australia's chief prosecutor said a charge linking him to failed bombings in Britain was a mistake.

Mohamed Haneef, 27, was released from prison in the eastern city of Brisbane more than three weeks after he was arrested at an airport as he was about to fly to India. Prosecutors withdrew the charge after a review of the evidence by the federal Director of Public Prosecutions Damian Bugg found that his office should never have recommended it.

The withdrawn charge accused Haneef of providing reckless support to a terrorist organization.

The charge alleged he gave his cell phone SIM card to a cousin in Britain a year ago as he left the country for a hospital job in Australia.

That cousin, Sabeel Ahmed, 26, has been charged by British police with withholding information that could prevent an act of terrorism.

Ahmed's brother, Kafeel Ahmed, is believed to have set himself ablaze after crashing a car into Glasgow Airport and remains in a Scottish hospital with critical burns.


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