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Mo’Nique celebrates fat

July 28, 2007


Is Paris ready for Mo'Nique? The actress and comedienne hosts the plus-sized beauty pageant in the city of light and love on the third helping of "Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance" (7 p.m. today, Oxygen).

Don't get hung up on "fat." Monique has redefined the "f" word as "fabulous and thick." She and her producers auditioned more than 2,000 women before choosing the five women who will compete tonight. Before their walk down the catwalk, the models visit some Paris landmarks. At least one woman is moved to tears by the sheer beauty of the architecture.

After a visit to a gallery of paintings featuring some plus-sized gals from the 17th century, Mo'Nique also arranges for the worthies to sit for a portrait painter. But like models for these works by Reubens and Titian, they must expose their avoirdupois altogether. We're talking nude. This brings up any number of issues, including pride, shame and body image. But Mo'Nique turns the challenge into a celebration when she insists that she, too, should be immortalized in oils. Needless to say, "F.A.T." is more than a little over the top. But this good-natured exercise in empowerment and self-esteem remains one of the most popular shows in Oxygen's history.

¢ Time to blow out the candles. Shark Week, that cable summer stalwart, turns 20 years old. For a solid week, the Discovery Channel will dedicate every program from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. to the murderous sea critters.

Shark Week kicks off in earnest with "Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever" (8 p.m. Sunday, Discovery), narrated by Richard Dreyfuss. "Worst" recalls the horrific shark attack on the survivors of USS Indianapolis in 1945, a gripping and tragic war story recounted by Robert Shaw's character in the 1975 thriller "Jaws," starring Dreyfuss.

¢ Another pop culture nugget turns 20 this summer. The movie "The Lost Boys" wowed them at the multiplexes in 1987, and Corey Haim can't seem to get over it. This is the sad gist of "The Two Coreys" (9 p.m. Sunday, A&E;), a reality stunt series and exercise in voyeuristic has-been abuse.

Haim and Corey Feldman, who appeared together in "Boys," as well as in "Dream a Little Dream" and "License to Drive," became a pop touchstone for a short moment and then plummeted far from even the D-list. Feldman, who has a wife and a life, invites Haim, who has neither, to move in.

Feldman's wife, Susie, provides much of the friction. Haim constantly whines that his old pal is too attached to his curvy and needy bride. Susie is completely aware of her role and even compares herself to Yoko Ono. This hardly goes over, since everyone from Haim to the viewers to Feldman himself knows that Feldman is no John Lennon.

Today's highlights

¢ Superb cinematography captures birds in flight in "Winged Migration" (6 p.m., Animal Planet).

¢ "Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade Grilling" (8 p.m., Food) offers tips on increasing your BBQ I.Q.

Sunday's highlights

¢ Scheduled on "60 Minutes" (6 p.m., CBS): The power of pharmaceutical lobbyists; an interview with convicted former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski; ultimate martial arts.

¢ Scheduled on "Dateline" (6 p.m., NBC): an interview with "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling.


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