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Perhaps in fear, Democrats target Thompson

July 17, 2007


When one political party tries to influence the other's presidential primary race, the reasonable assumption is that someone is trying to stop the nomination of a candidate that party does not want to face in November.

That's why a Democrat-aligned group injecting itself into the Republican campaign by alleging that Fred Thompson lobbied for abortion rights is a pretty good indication the other side thinks he has serious potential.

Thompson has become a force in the GOP polls even though almost half of Republicans and more than half the rest of the electorate say they don't know enough about him to form an opinion.

In this case his Democratic foes are trying to define him negatively for GOP voters before he can make a good first impression.

That's why in the last few weeks we have seen a stream of stories that seem aimed at derailing his candidacy. Some were clearly planted in the news media with information from partisans of other candidates or causes. Others may have arisen independently from a news media itching to vet Thompson.

The former Tennessee senator and movie/TV actor had experienced a sharp rise in the polls, making everyone take seriously what only months ago might have seemed a flight of fancy.

Thompson runs a consistent second among Republican voters nationally and in most states. In many southern states he leads GOP front-runner Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor.

So far he trails the major Democratic contenders in trial heats, but given voters' lack of familiarity with him at least some Democrats are worried he could be difficult to beat in November should he win the GOP nomination.

Thompson's candidacy has reshaped the campaign so much that even before he officially announced, adversaries were seeking to undermine his candidacy.

Most interesting - and perhaps most telling of his potential - was the effort by a Democrat-aligned abortion rights group to tarnish his credentials among social conservatives, who are a large part of the GOP primary electorate.

And don't forget it is the Democratic National Committee - not his GOP competitors - that is suggesting the Federal Election Commission cite him for campaign law violations because he has allegedly been abusing his "testing the waters" committee status to effectively run for president without having to disclose his contributors and spending.

The National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association claimed that Thompson had lobbied the White House on its behalf in 1991. Thompson denied the charge, and John Sununu, who was White House chief of staff at the time, backed up Thompson.

Only time will tell which side eventually turns out to be perceived as being truthful by the electorate. But regardless of the truth of the allegation, its presence is remarkable at this stage of the race.

Memory does not produce a similar case where an interest group tied to one of the major political parties sought so overtly to influence the debate and outcome of the other parties' nomination fight, especially before a candidate even formally announced.

Think how unusual it would be if, for instance, a conservative group opposed to immigration reform that would allow any legalization of those here illegally claimed that Sen. Barack Obama, before he was in the Senate, had been active in anti-Hispanic activities.

In that mythical case it would be Republicans trying to damage Obama's reputation with a key Democratic voting block, Hispanics - just as the current allegations about Thompson are aimed at planting doubt about him among GOP-leaning Christian conservatives.

Also appearing in the news media in recent weeks has been a report on files that showed Richard Nixon critical of Thompson's abilities as a Senate investigator during Watergate.

Those files also led the news media to raise questions about whether Thompson showed a previously unknown willingness to cooperate with the White House in a way that might benefit Nixon. Such questions would undermine the benefits to Thompson's candidacy of his service as a lawyer for the Senate Watergate Committee, where he revealed that Nixon had a secret Oval Office taping system.

Other media reports in recent days also put the spotlight on Thompson's wife, Jeri, who is 24 years younger than he, and attractive enough that one TV talk show compared her to a stripper.

Presidential politics is a contact sport. The coming months will show whether Thompson can take a hit and keep on fighting.

And, if he is smart, he will look both to the right and the left when he is crossing the street.

- Peter A. Brown is the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute and a former editorial columnist for the Orlando Sentinel.


max1 6 years, 9 months ago

"WTF? "Lobbyist," illogical?"

trouble ahead, trouble behind,0,54260.story?track=mostviewed-sectionfront Fred D. Thompson, who is campaigning for president as an antiabortion Republican, accepted an assignment from a family-planning group to lobby the first Bush White House to ease a controversial abortion restriction . . . A spokesman for the former Tennessee senator denied that Thompson did the lobbying work. But the minutes of a 1991 board meeting of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Assn. say that the group hired Thompson that year.

July 10th, 2007,barrett,77192,2.html Last week, Rudy Giuliani made a pilgrimage to Pat Robertson's Regent University in Virginia to deliver his one-note anti-terrorism stump speech, and was welcomed by thousands of clapping Christians. Robertson suddenly seems comfortable with a candidate who hosted anniversary celebrations of Roe v. Wade at City Hall and enacted the most progressive domestic-partnership legislation in the country. In 2004, when Robertson was on the stump against John Kerry, he assailed Kerry's vote against a ban on so-called "partial birth" abortion, which, Robertson explained, meant Kerry was for infanticide. "I think Jesus would be against infanticide, don't you?" he added. Well, Rudy Giuliani didn't just oppose the ban-he told CNN's Wolf Blitzer in 1998 that, in New York, late-term abortion "certainly works." The city's Health & Hospitals Corporation, which Giuliani directly controlled, did thousands of late-term abortions over his eight years in office-so much so that a National Abortions Rights Action League study in 2000 called HHC "the last resort for women with later abortions needs or complications."


jonas 6 years, 9 months ago

"Thompson has become a force in the GOP polls even though almost half of Republicans and more than half the rest of the electorate say they don't know enough about him to form an opinion."

Blaaarrrrghhh!!!! It drives me f'n bonkers to hear things like this.


Pilgrim 6 years, 9 months ago

1logrithmic (Anonymous) says:

Only Republicans could seriously consider a lobbyist for president. Well why not? Washington is bought and sold ten times over. Why not put a lobbyist like Fred Thompson in as president?

WTF? "Lobbyist," illogical? Please show the class where that word is used in the above story.


logrithmic 6 years, 9 months ago

Only Republicans could seriously consider a lobbyist for president. Well why not? Washington is bought and sold ten times over. Why not put a lobbyist like Fred Thompson in as president? Let's drop the ruse of democracy by vote. The media only wants to talk about how much money each candidate has raised. Money buys the office. God bless America!


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