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Motorcyclist flown to hospital after collision

July 17, 2007


A 53-year-old Lawrence man was flown by helicopter ambulance to Kansas University Hospital with life-threatening injuries late Monday after his motorcycle collided with a vehicle on Kansas Highway 10 near the East Hills Business Park, police said.

The motorcyclist was traveling west on K-10 when he struck the side of a sedan entering the roadway, said Sgt. Mark Warren, a police spokesman. Warren said police were still gathering information about where the sedan was entering the road. The driver of the sedan was not injured, Warren said.

The collision occurred about 10:15 p.m.


leadrain 10 years, 11 months ago

All that money being spent on improvement and East Hills is still the DeathTrap it's name is becoming synonymus with. People can't see around corners, especially when you route it on a hill. And for good measure, put a large industiall complex that employs thousands of people and has an outlet from other small towns to the east. You wind up with a recipe for Front page Fatalities that could possibly extend throughout the State. The city obviously sees the threat it presents, but why don't they do something. Flashing lights do little if a driver can't see them untill they're only 40 yrds. from them moving 65 mph. At peak times that equals disaster over time, which doesn't take long.

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