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Minister resigns over cash found in her office

July 17, 2007


— President Nestor Kirchner's economy minister resigned Monday after a prosecutor ordered her to testify about $64,000 in cash that was found in a bag in her office, the government said.

Kirchner accepted Felisa Miceli's resignation and appointed economist and Industry Secretary Gustavo Peirano as her replacement, Chief of Staff Alberto Fernandez said.

Late last month, police conducting a routine security check found a brown paper bag containing the cash in Argentine and U.S. currency in a bathroom cabinet inside Miceli's offices.

Miceli said her brother had loaned her most of the money so she could buy a house and she had taken it to the office for safekeeping until she could put it in a bank. She said she broke no law, but committed a "blunder" by leaving it in her office.


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