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KU stages music education symposium

July 15, 2007


The 2007-2008 celebration of the 50th anniversary of Murphy Hall and the Elizabeth Sherbon Dance Centennial includes many components that will take place throughout the year. Among the first events was a July 5-7 national symposium by Kansas University's School of Fine Arts.

Research Symposium I was an initiative of the Society for Research in Music Education with the co-sponsorship of MENC: The National Association for Music Education. It attracted researchers from a number of institutions (including Indiana, Eastman, Florida State, Colorado, Michigan State, Iowa, Washington), and the research of five KU faculty was presented (Alicia Clair, Cynthia Colwell, Janet Hamburg, Debra Hedden, Christopher Johnson). Professor Martin Bergee, whose faculty appointment with KU's Department of Music and Dance begins in August, serves in a national leadership position with the SRME. Bergee functioned as president of the Research Symposium I and also presented his research during the meeting.

For more information about the Murphy Hall anniversary events, visit or contact the fine arts school at 864-3436.


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