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Ask the Pro

July 15, 2007


Ask a Pro: Randy Towner helps David in Lawrence with his approach shots

This week, David in Lawrence wants to know how to make his approach shots look more like the pros do. For the answer, we contacted our own pro, Randy Towner. Enlarge video

Dear Pro,

"Every weekend I turn on the TV and watch pro after pro put an enormous amount of spin on the ball on approach shots. No matter how hard I try, I can't get the ball to back up on the green. What can I do to put more spin on the ball and me it back up on the green?"

- David, Lawrence


"The first thing you need to determine is if it's a shot that you really want to spin. If it is, you have to have a ball that allows it to grab on the greens, a soft-covered ball. Make sure it's a top-of-the-line performance ball. Then you have to use a club that allows you to put some loft on it. You're going to want to hit down and through the ball by putting the weight on your front foot and not moving your body very much. Whack down at the ball, making sure you take plenty of turf. That should help you to deaden the ball."

- Randy Towner, head pro, Alvamar Country Club


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