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July 12, 2007


DUI trial postponed

Glendale, Calif. - Nicole Richie's driving-under-the-influence trial was delayed Wednesday until Aug. 16 so a defense expert can challenge evidence in the case.

Richie's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, said in court that Dr. Terence Sean McGee will testify about tests and conclusions by drug experts used by prosecutors.

Holley told Superior Court Commissioner Steven K. Lubell that McGee's testimony was critical to the defense, but he is unavailable to appear in court until next month.

Richie was arrested early on Dec. 11 after witnesses reported seeing her black 2005 Mercedes-Benz sport utility vehicle headed the wrong way on a freeway in Burbank.

She allegedly failed a field sobriety test and authorities said she told them she had smoked marijuana and taken a prescription painkiller. No drugs were found on her or in the vehicle.

She pleaded not guilty in February to the DUI charge.

If convicted, Richie may face a sentence of between 90 days and a year in jail.

Royal retort

London - Annie Leibovitz received an icy stare and a stern response when she asked Queen Elizabeth II to remove her crown for an official portrait.

Footage of the exchange is included in a British Broadcasting Corp. documentary that was filmed as Queen Elizabeth II prepared for her 80th birthday and during her recent visit to the United States.

Snippets of "A Year With the Queen," which captures the working life of the royal family, were released Wednesday.

Queen Elizabeth II is shown walking into a room in Buckingham Palace - which is cluttered with camera equipment - wearing her crown and her Order of the Garter robes.

Leibovitz tells her: "I think it will look better without the crown because the Garter robe is so ..."

Before she can finish saying "extraordinary," the queen gives her an icy stare and replies: "Less dressy. What do you think this is?" and points to what she is wearing.

Cameras follow the queen as she storms off, an official lifting the large train of her blue velvet cape off the floor, as she tells her lady-in-waiting: "I'm not changing anything. I've had enough dressing like this, thank you very much."

Four official portraits of the queen were eventually released by Leibovitz.


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