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Increasing violations to close dam outlet

July 12, 2007


The outlet below Clinton Lake dam will be temporarily closed Friday.

The closure is necessary because of an increasing amount of trash and fishing violations after high releases of water in the outlet area, said Dave Rhoades, lake park manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Rhoades didn't say when the outlet would reopen.


jayhawklawrence 10 years, 11 months ago

It's too bad that this closure is taking place because the outlet area and below provides some of the best fishing for those who do not have a boat. I don't know about the fishing violations but I was very disappointed with the amount of trash being left by some "fisherman" who think fishing is just a place to drink and do stupid things. It seems a contradiction to go out and enjoy the majesty of nature and then to pollute it by leaving piles of beer cans, trash, empty worm containers, etc. I took my family of five down there to enjoy nature and we had to spend 15 minutes cleaning which included rotting carcasses of left behind Carp.

I am thinking these are stressed out kids who will one day change their habits. At least I hope so. Unfortunately, we have to find another place to fish.

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