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Prized violin recovered after stolen on subway

July 5, 2007


— A prized violin that was stolen while its owner snoozed on a hot subway train has been recovered.

"I'm of course overjoyed!!!" Tom Chiu, a Juilliard School graduate and founder of the avant-garde Flux Quartet, wrote Wednesday in an e-mail message about his Scarampella violin.

The violin and his backpack were stolen June 27.

Chiu, who calls his violin his "heart and soul for the last 13 years," said in a statement that the violin and the backpack and its contents were turned in to the Metropolitan Transit Authority's lost-and-found, and an MTA official contacted him late Tuesday.

"Losing it was like losing my voice, my soul. So getting it back is just great," said Chiu, the instrument again in hand.


spywell 6 years, 9 months ago

Several years ago, I purchased an 1870's Pan Amierican Violin, It sounded great, could'nt get this sound in morden violins, I keep it in my guest house with several Musical insturments. Four years ago, I let this writer, stay in my guest house for 2 weeks, so it seemed, but it turned into 9 months and then I had to evict her. She got mad at me and smashed my violin. I did not find out about it for several weeks after she had moved. Its beyond repair. I will never help anyone again by letting them stay in my guest house.


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