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Experts: More savings needed for retirement

July 5, 2007


It has long been taken for granted that if you save 10 percent of your income through your working life, you'll have plenty of money for a comfortable retirement.

Now experts are beginning to suggest more is needed because inflation continues to nibble away at spending power, health care costs have soared and today's workers are living much longer than their ancestors.

The 10 percent savings goal still may work for a very small group - those who start putting money aside for retirement in their early 20s and never waver, one expert said.

Someone who starts saving at 40 probably needs to set aside more than 20 percent of income, while someone who starts saving at 50 may be looking at 35 percent of more.

Those figures may seem outrageously high, but many people could expect to spend 20 or more years in retirement.

Retirement calculators at can help families evaluate their individual situations.


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