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Commission approves Farmland bid filing

July 4, 2007


City leaders move forward with plans to bid on vacant farmland

At their weekly meeting tonight, City Commissioners authorized the city manager to prepare and submit a bid on the 467-acre property East of Lawrence. Enlarge video

It was quicker than a firecracker on a short fuse.

City commissioners met briefly Tuesday afternoon to pay bills and take care of several routine items before the July Fourth holiday.

Commissioners, as part of their consent agenda, did unanimously agree to allow City Manager David Corliss to file the necessary paperwork to submit a bid on the vacant Farmland Industries property east of Lawrence. Commissioners last week announced their intention to try to purchase the property, which they hope to convert into a business park.

The Farmland item did not draw any discussion during the approximately 10-minute meeting. Commissioners, however, did meet for 30 minutes with economic development leaders in a closed-door executive session.


blackwalnut 10 years, 7 months ago

merrill: You know, and I know. We know they are customer of Mayor Hack's husband's insurance business. We know they have done business with Mike Dever's environmental consulting firm. Probably have something to do with Rob Chestnut's Allen Press, too. And of course, Rob Chestnut used to work for Farmland Industries.

The corruption is thick, with this city commission.

Kookamooka 10 years, 7 months ago

Isn't there a glamorous and empty business park in West Lawrence off Wakarusa just rotting? Why isn't anyone moving in there? Let's look at the real problems Lawrence has attracting businesses. Our community is not a "value".

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