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Police calls for fireworks fizzle a bit

July 3, 2007


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Law enforcement officials say they are receiving fewer calls about illegal fireworks in Lawrence this year. The city enacted a ban against most fireworks in 2002. This girl watched some fireworks Monday night in North Lawrence.

Law enforcement officials say they are receiving fewer calls about illegal fireworks in Lawrence this year. The city enacted a ban against most fireworks in 2002. This girl watched some fireworks Monday night in North Lawrence.

Police respond to 50 firework calls on extra day of sales

County Commissioners extended sales an extra day this year - allowing them on July 1st for the first time - and since yesterday, Lawrence police have responded to about 50 calls of fireworks in the city limits. Enlarge video

Maybe people are getting used to the bangs and booms this time of year.

Fewer people called police over the weekend than during the same time last year to complain about Fourth of July fireworks in Lawrence neighborhoods.

Between 4:30 p.m. Friday and 10:36 p.m. Sunday, police responded to 33 fireworks calls - 10 fewer calls than last year, police spokeswoman Kim Murphree said Monday.

No fires resulted from wayward firecrackers during the weekend, said Eve Tolefree, chief of division support services with Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical.

Lawrence prohibits all fireworks within the city limits, with the exception of certain party poppers, snappers, toy smoke devices, snakes and toy caps.

People found to be in violation of the ordinance, which went into effect in 2002, can face a $100 to $200 fine for the first offense and a similar fine and the possibility of 180 days in jail for second and subsequent offenses.

According to city code, however, the penalties are merely recommendations to the municipal judge, who determines the final amount levied.

But police Sgt. Paul Fellers said most fireworks offenders know about the ordinance. Because of the holiday, more officers will be on patrol not only for illegal fireworks, but other offenses associated with merrymaking.

"(Illegal fireworks calls) do normally add to the normal call load that officers on the street handle," Fellers said. "I think our ordinance has been in place long enough that most people know it's not legal to have possession of or use fireworks within the city limits."

City Prosecutor Jerry Little said to his knowledge, no one has served jail time for possessing or shooting illegal fireworks.


nobody1793 10 years, 11 months ago

who needs fireworks when we can all just shoot off our guns.

cheer67 10 years, 11 months ago

nobody, that just reminded me of one 4th of July when my dad was too lazy to go buy fireworks. So he put a pile of gun powder at the end of our driveway and set it off. hah.

ConfederateState 10 years, 11 months ago

What is the nick name for Kansas. I thought it was free state and were celebrating independence day. By doing something illegal?? The liberals in this city gotta go!! They best learn to turn the other cheek lest I fire a few wayward crackers. Ha!

Jillster 10 years, 11 months ago

"Lawrence prohibits all fireworks within the city limits, with the exception of certain party poppers, snappers, toy smoke devices, snakes and toy caps."

What???? We can't even have sparklers???? I'm shocked!

Confrontation 10 years, 11 months ago

Some idiots in my neighborhood were lighting them off at 11:30pm. I think the first fine should be at least $500, and mandatory jail time after that.

jimbo4584 10 years, 11 months ago

Easy Tiger I love this: You say that "The confederates were such little pansies and inbred retards they lost that war," but your state in the Union (KS) gave you the great education to write this "And Kansas was on the side that one." I am pretty sure when talking about winning a war you would say that you WON it not ONE it. At least that's what I have learned growing up in Texas...a confederate state and our own country for a while.

Staci Dark Simpson 10 years, 11 months ago

I think its communist to not be allowed to shoot fireworks in Lawrence. THey are relatively safe if used properly. But leave it to Lawrence to nix celebrating our countrys freedom. And no, we have shot of hundreds of dollars of fireworks in our lifetime and we all still have all of our body parts. Just because a few idiots shoot at their neighbors and hold fireworks in their hand doesn't mean they should be banned altogether. Hell, a knife is dangerous if used improperly, will they be banned next?

bige1030 10 years, 11 months ago

People should be allowed to shoot fireworks, but fireworks use should be restricted to prevent harm to other people and their property. For instance, fireworks shouldn't be shot off near cars - a stray spark or a firework blown under a car by the wind could cause a car fire. (That's what pissed me off about the neighbors the other day...if they stayed away from the cars (especially mine), that would be all right.) Same goes for shooting them off in the grass or near brush. Also, having a fire extinguisher and/or a bucket of water or sand should be mandatory when shooting off fireworks. And of course - never point fireworks at people. This stuff is just plain common sense. Of course, our government doesn't trust us with common sense anymore and is trying to nanny us more than anything...but that rant is for another time.

Certainly my proposal isn't as enforceable as an all-out ban, but at least it would bring people to justice if they caused any harm to people and/or property. It could be passively enforced to put the liability only on those that cause harm with fireworks. Most importantly, though, it'll allow people to have a good and safe time with fireworks.

Leprechaunking13 10 years, 11 months ago

Anyone who thinks that confederates were just inbred retards who just got whooped on needs to go back and read up on some history. Look up battles, locations and numbers of troops lost tens of thousand more northerners were killed than fine southern gents. Also it IS the liberals fault that we can't shoot off firecrackers in town. Hack is the one that put it forth and she is still on the commission, she needs to go! Problem with voters in this town is that TOO many liberals are in one area anytime their is an election, instead of looking at who is running they look at the party affiliation and if it isn't Democrat they don't matter. Liberals aren't bad but when it's all liberals all the time things get a little too one sided and that's how this city is now.

Linda Endicott 10 years, 11 months ago

So, most of you think it's okay to shoot off fireworks in town anyway, even though it's illegal, because it's a "stupid law"?

Great lesson to teach your children...that you only have to obey laws that you approve of...

Evan Ridenour 10 years, 11 months ago

If people were more responsible there would not be a need to regulate fireworks. There is nothing more frightening then driving through a neighborhood and seeing bottle rockets and mortar shells shooting in every direction... zipping through trees and between houses. Between my house being burnt down and no fireworks being shot off in the city limits I, and the majority of town residents, would rather have no fireworks.

I am not calling for them to be banned completely, but yes, I do think they should be restricted to areas where it is safe to use them which is outside of the city limits.

erod0723 10 years, 11 months ago

"Great lesson to teach your children:that you only have to obey laws that you approve of:" I personally learned that one from the Bush Administration, and its (illegal) use of signing statements.

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