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New office to open for colon hydrotherapy

July 3, 2007


Lynda Mary Gammal plans to open Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy, a new cleansing health practice, at 2859 Four Wheel Drive, Unit 14.

The practice is scheduled to open in August.

Gammal plans to provide hydrotherapy along with enzyme/herbal therapy, natural healing health consultations, classes for vegan cooking and natural healing, and chair massage.

Gammal has a doctorate in pharmacology and toxicology and a Bachelor of Arts in natural science.

For more information, contact Gammal at (785) 566-8334.


Confrontation 10 years, 7 months ago

Wiki definition for Colon Hydrotherapy: "Colon hydrotherapy: Similar to an enema, it involves the introduction of discrete amounts of purified water, sometimes infused with minerals or other materials, such as organic coffee, into the colon using medically approved class II colon hydrotherapy devices with sanitary, disposable speculums or gravity-fed enema-like systems inserted into the rectum."

Does it surprise anyone that vegan cooking is taking place in the same office as this procedure?

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