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July 2, 2007


— If you and your family are preparing for your summer getaway, here are tips to help you avoid air travel mishaps:

¢ Take an early flight. Summer storms typically strike in the afternoon, causing delays. To avoid getting waylaid, opt for a morning flight.

¢ Avoid tight connections. With more flights arriving late, it can be difficult to make connecting flights. If you're planning a two-leg journey, allow extra time between flights.

¢ Take an extra day. Frequent thunderstorms and staffing and logistical problems are conspiring to leave airport runways packed. This leads to much longer delays and even cancellations. If you're trying to make it to a wedding or cruise, build in an extra day to ensure you don't miss it.

¢ Carry on water and snacks. Airlines generally don't serve food until the flight is in the air, so stock up on drinks and munchies in case you're held up on the tarmac.

¢ Before booking your ticket, visit for information on chronically late flights.


scotty 10 years, 11 months ago

Those are some very nice tips about travelling and i have one for your guys as well. Make sure you backup your mobile phone information before you travel, this way even if you happen to lose your phone you will still have your phonebook, calendar, and text messages safely stored. I use a free service called ZYB ( which enables me too effortlessly achieve this objective.

jdsolly 10 years, 11 months ago

These are great tips - I just have to echo LJworld's sentiments in suggesting - this is a great website and it has saved me a couple of times from notoriously late flights. I travel a lot for work and this is also a great site for your mobile phone ( - you can flight status in real time, often faster than the airlines themselves in the airport know. This is a great service for those last minute flight changes.

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