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Ask the Pro

July 1, 2007


Ask the Pro

This evening, Eagle Bend head pro John Morris braves the weather to help you add a little extra shape to your shot. Enlarge video

Hello Pro,

I've given up on trying to crush the ball off the tee or from the fairway. Since then, I've been hitting the ball a lot straighter. But what about those situations were the shot calls for a little fade or draw? Do you have any advice to help me create those benders when necessary? Thanks for the help.

- Cooper, Tonganoxie


For a fade, line up square to the ball as if taking a normal shot, but move your front foot back a couple of inches, open the club face slightly and take an inside-out swing. This will make the shot fade to the right for right-handed golfers and left for lefties.

To make a shot hook, do just the opposite. Move your front foot toward the ball and step backwards a little bit. Rotate the club face slightly toward you and take a swing.

- John Morris, head pro, Eagle Bend golf course.


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