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Candidate launches election campaign

January 27, 2007


A retired school social worker kicks off her campaign for city commission

Carey Maynard-Moody has lived in Lawrence for 25 years and is a longtime volunteer with the Sierra Club and now she is seeking a seat on the Lawrence City Commission. Enlarge video

Retired school social worker and active environmentalist Carey Maynard-Moody officially kicked off her campaign for the Lawrence City Commission on Friday afternoon.

Maynard-Moody said she planned to run a campaign that challenged the city to improve its environmental practices by reducing carbon emissions, conserving energy and seeking out environmentally friendly companies to locate here.

Maynard-Moody, who had not yet held a formal announcement event, is one of nine candidates seeking one of three at-large seats on the commission.

Two of the three incumbents - Commissioners Boog Highberger and David Schauner - have filed for re-election.

Other candidates are James Bush, a Lawrence pastor; Rob Chestnut, chief financial officer at Allen Press; Jake Davis, a local musician and data entry operator; Mike Dever, owner of a Lawrence-based environmental consulting firm; Sam Fields, a local bail bondsman; and Michael Limburg, a forklift operator with Amarr Garage Door Group.


Sigmund 11 years, 1 month ago

I bet she is against hunger, for world peace, likes pets. and dislikes mean people. Can't wait to hear her views on paper or plastic or read her position on cloth or disposable diapers. I hope women in Lawrence would not vote for any candidate just because of their gender, a hyphenated last name, or the mere spouting of platitudes.

It would be nice to hear something of substance about actual issues likely to be faced by the City Commission. For instance, is she for or against the new WalMart? On the one hand it would reduce a lot of driving and carbon emission if a new WalMart was located on the westside, or against it because WalMart is pure evil incarnate. For or against allowing new residential construction to make more housing available lowering the costs, or restricting it to drive housing values even higher?

General principles are nice, but let's learn something of substance before deciding who to support beyond the superficial like the candidates gender or sexual orientation.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years, 1 month ago

"I bet she is against hunger,"

Would you vote for her if she were for it?

"for world peace,"

Would you vote for her if she promised to declare war on, say, Topeka?

"likes pets."

Would you like her better if I told you she raises and fights pit bulls?

"and dislikes mean people.

Does she have to like you before you'll vote for her?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years, 1 month ago

"I see another gooney-goo-goo leftist running here."

I'm sure there must a self-centered a**hole running that you can really get behind.

Sigmund 11 years, 1 month ago

My point was EVERYONE is against world hunger and for affordable housing and world peace. The difference is HOW she would achieve those general goals. It appears to me that cool, merrill and the other bozo's want women in Lawrence to vote for her just because of her gender. I give them a lot more credit than that. Let's hear some details of HOW she would lower Lawrence carbon emissions BEFORE we start endorsing her.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years, 1 month ago

"My point was EVERYONE is against world hunger and for affordable housing and world peace."

Really? I think you need to get out a little more.

Sigmund 11 years, 1 month ago

Really? I think you need to adjust your meds.

Godot 11 years, 1 month ago

I thought she launched her campaign last week. Is this just free advertising for Maynard-Moody? Better see some follow up articles for the other candidates who have announced that they are running, too, in the interest of fair and balanced coverage.

Godot 11 years, 1 month ago

"What the hel is a enviromentally freindly company??"

One that does not produce anything.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years, 1 month ago

I guess that makes you an environmentally friendly blogger, doesn't it, godot?

Godot 11 years, 1 month ago

Right on point, Boozo; my guess is Maynard-Moody's idea of 'environmentally friendly businesses" is to attract more people who make art out of trash, and who trash others in print.

bearded_gnome 11 years, 1 month ago

Godot, you have certainly identified the kind of company she wants to attract.

I see Boozo is up to his usual level of soaring logic, stunning political argumentation, and winning turn of phrase--NOT!

I'll never forget how Carey maynard-----mooney led the Siera Club's opposition to building any SLT, because if you build it, people will drive more because of it (lol).

you can see this same dented logic displayed right now by Merrill on the "SLT answers" thread. Merrill who believes broken streets serve a useful function as passive traffic calming devices! vote for CM----M and you're empowering this amazing logic. not just no growth, but antigrowth, antiroadbuilding, etc. meanwhile people are stuck sitting on 23rd with their engines idling taking much longer to get accross town.

bearded_gnome 11 years, 1 month ago

"again?" did he/she/it once before Godot?

and, above, should read "across." I know there are some very picky small minds out there who jump on the smallest errata.

budwhysir 11 years, 1 month ago

Thanks gnome, glad you caught that one, we have enough confusion around here with bozo

Godot 11 years, 1 month ago

gnome, who knows? Bozo claims to have quite an in-depth knowledge of how things are done at city hall, almost as if she/he/it has done it before, or is doing it now.

bearded_gnome 11 years, 1 month ago

very valid point! some have postulated that Boozo is the infamous LTE writer David Burress (or however the last name is spelled). he/she/it seems to be on these boards all the time which would seem to preclude a positive life contribution, that he/she/it thinks this is it.

budwhysir 11 years, 1 month ago

you would think that with the cost of fuel these days, politicians would elect to pedal or walk thier way into these races.

Godot 11 years ago

Bearded_gnome, as a point of oratiorial style, it is "she/he/it."

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

gee, in high school/college my verbs were conjugated as "he she it. okay, she/he/it, thanks.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

yes, IP I registered that too, but was LMAO so bad I didn't know what the heck to write! next, Mamrionwill be giving spelling lessons, modeling humility, and teaching comportment?

Godot 11 years ago

bearded_gnome, say the two "phrases" out loud. Then tell me if i am right.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

LMAO, damn that's good Godot. thanks.

does Vienna deserve blame for those canned monstrocities?

Godot 11 years ago

"does Vienna deserve blame for those canned monstrocities?"

Waltz wrong with 'em?

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

Waltz wrong with 'em? ^Bravvo Godot!

8lbs of Vienna sausage? and she could still drive? yuck...enough to get carsick sittin' at my keyboard!

now, is spam technically a sausage?

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