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Experts: Immigration laws not a solution

January 22, 2007


— As an immigration lawyer in Overland Park, Mira Mdivani sees the heartbreaking stories every day.

Employers, workers and newlyweds stream into her office full of hope wanting to become U.S. citizens.

When told they face conflicting laws, years of delays, lengthy separations from their families and, for many, absolutely no chance of attaining citizenship, they often leave dumbfounded, depressed and desperate, she said.

Mdivani told state lawmakers last week that the federal immigration law was unfair, confusing and not based on the reality of a country that depends on immigrant labor but allows relatively few immigrants in legally.

"What we have here is built-in illegal immigration by law," Mdivani told the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee.

Her remarks echoed a common theme voiced by experts appearing before the committee: Illegal immigration is a tough problem, and state attempts to address it often are misguided.

Committee Chairman Pete Brungardt, R-Salina, said he scheduled the informational hearings in response to numerous bills in the Legislature to try to crack down on illegal immigration.

Frustrated public

"The public is frustrated," said Sheri Steisel, federal affairs counsel with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

And much of that frustration is directed toward the federal government's inability to control its borders, Steisel said.

This has resulted in an explosion of bills in state capitals nationwide, including Topeka.

From 1999 to 2004, there were 50 to 100 bills filed each year in state legislatures dealing with immigration, she said. That number increased to 300 bills in 2005 and at least 570 bills last year.

She said the major focus of the legislation has been trying to stem illegal immigration and integrating those who already are here into society. But, she said, states are limited on what they can do in an area that is under the federal government's control.

On the federal level, she said immigration reform remains a priority for President Bush, but the House and Senate are far apart in resolving differences in their proposals.

If the sides don't reach an agreement by this summer, she said, the politics of the upcoming presidential campaigns could stifle any progress.

"I think it's fair to say that this issue becomes too hot to handle," she said.

At the workplace

Mdivani said economists say the United States needs 3.5 million new foreign workers each year, but the government grants only 66,000 work-related visas annually for temporary workers.

That leads to illegal immigration "or we should close all our factories and send them to China," she said.

In Kansas, Republican and Democratic officials have called for a crackdown on employers who hire illegal immigrants, but Mdivani said many times well-intentioned employers are uncertain of the rules and sometimes trapped by them.

"Employers are between a rock and a hard place on immigration compliance," she said.

Brungardt said the purpose of his committee hearings was to educate members of the Legislature on the many problems with immigration law.

"It's a lot harder than what the election rhetoric would indicate," Brungardt said. "It touches a lot more areas than the public thinks."

Unintended consequences

Melinda Lewis, policy and research director for El Centro, a Hispanic advocacy group in the Kansas City area, said the proposals before Kansas lawmakers might sound good but fail to address a problem.

For example, she said, a measure to require voters to provide photo identification before their ballot is counted is aimed at illegal immigrants, although no instances of illegal immigrant voters have been uncovered.

Lewis said she thought the Senate committee hearings opened lawmakers' eyes to the unintended consequences of some legislation.

"I'm encouraged to see them take this kind of approach," she said.

An example of an unintended consequence, officials said, is a new federal law that requires all Medicaid applicants to provide documentation of citizenship and identification.

Since then, nearly 24,000 people have fallen off the program designed to serve the poor and needy, officials said. And most of those people probably are legal and eligible citizens who simply cannot come up with the documents in a timely manner, they say.

Andrew Allison, deputy director of the Kansas Health Policy Authority, said when poor, sick people can't access coverage because of paperwork problems, "that may ultimately wind up costing the health care system more in the long run."


Legal_Hispanic 11 years, 1 month ago

But enforcing the law would probably put a dent in Mrs.'s Mdvani and Lewis's income, as well as the revenues of the many organizations that foist these delincuents upon our communities. Maybe Mrs. Lewis or Mrs. Mdvani can contact the family of Jodie Hatzenbihler and comfort them as to how an illegal alien by the name of Adan S. Cruz kileld her while he was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is justified. Or how Raul Cabrera, an illegal alien living in Shawnee was the victim when his car, driven at high speeds, clipped David K. Bassore's vehicle resulting in Mr. Bassore's death. These are only two cassualties at the handsof ilelgal aliens. People who should not have been there to kill those who trusted our governments with enforcing our laws. When legislators promote and pass laws that serve as a magnet for illegals, as Representative Sue Storm (D-Overland Park) did when she sponsored the bill for in-state-tuition for illegal aliens, and which Kathleen Sebelius signed into law, knowing that this aided the arrival and permanence of illegal aliens, then we have a regime of corruption and impunity where laws are enforced for political gain. To Gov. Sebelius, Rep Storm, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Mdvani, I'd like to remind them paraphrasing Bill Clinton in his 1992 electoral campaign:

"When it comes to illegal immigration; It's the law, Stupid."

davisnin 11 years, 1 month ago

"Mdivani said economists say the United States needs 3.5 million new foreign workers each year", more than actually created.

"well-intentioned employers are uncertain of the rules and sometimes trapped by them" - what? we can't hire illegals? since when?

"most of those people PROBABLY are legal and eligible citizens who simply cannot come up with the documents in a timely manner" - Oh, no, I won't commit to my own conjecture as fact.

Perhaps I should have just copy and pasted the whole thing. This is the most slanted, one-sided piece of crap article I have seen since I woke up today. It's like a casually styled press release for the immigration lobby.

Legal_Hispanic 11 years, 1 month ago

Considering that Esq. Mdvani makes a living representing ilegal aliens who are trying to get into compliance, either through employment or marital sponsorship, and employers seeking to bring in foreign laborers through the existing guest worker programs, it is no surprise on what side of the issue she would be; The one on which her bread is buttered on.

Illegal immigration is not built in by law, as the able barrister would have us believe, but by the conscious and voluntary act of trampling over our borders and laws by foreign individuals who have chosen to place themselves above our laws. That there is an entire "order" of lawyers dedicated to propagate their view of a federal crime as an unfortunate circumstance is only a monument to the orwellian legal profession where the law seems to be less important than how it is interpreted.

Ms. Lewis seems to be a paid lobbyist of El Centro and as such she promotes taxpayer funded benefits for illegal aliens as well as for her tax-exempt employer. Thus, there is no doubt as to which side of the illegal alien isse her toast is buttered on. What would be of interest for Kansas taxpayers would be to see a breakdown of the composition of benefit recipients from El Centro showing legal households, illegal households as well as separating those of "mixed status" into those hoseholds where those who are legal are the infants born here to illegal alien parents, and what protion of their clientele, by individual, is legal and/or illegal. We might get the impresion that El Centro" is aiding and abetting illegal immigration with Kansans' tax dollars.

The fisally and legally responsible path is to aid the federal government to enforce immigration law as already stipulated by law. Compel all agencies (including religious ones) receiving State funds or tax-breaks to report any and all instances of illegal or corrupt acts, including illegal immigration to the Department of Homeland Security and compel county and municipal governments from behaving as sanctuary sites for illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are criminals, and as such they are opportunistic in nature. Withdraw the opportunity, and they will leave for easier pickings. It worked in their home countries where jobs are badly remunerated and they were encouraged to pursue the American Dream by governments who seek to transfer to us their socio-economic liabilities while reaping billions of dolars in cash remittances and expenditures which must now be borne by U.S. taxpayers.

ASBESTOS 11 years, 1 month ago

Scott Rothchild need to get a grip. Mira Mdivani is a PRO IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY> Of course she would want and say the rules are unfair. SHE WANTS TO MAKE MORE MONEY WITH MORE CASES!!!!

"Mdivani said economists say the United States needs 3.5 million new foreign workers each year, but the government grants only 66,000 work-related visas annually for temporary workers."

DO the population math on 3.5 million additions a year to the United States and see what the population will be. In les than a decade at that rate we would add 100,000,000 to the population of the US. That is increasing the population from 300,000,000 to 400,000,000 in a decade!!! This "lawyer" is WHACKED OUT!!!


"Melinda Lewis, policy and research director for El Centro, a Hispanic advocacy group in the Kansas City area, said the proposals before Kansas lawmakers might sound good but fail to address a problem."

WHAT only PRO illegal alien people can be interviewed for this? Nothing from the Kansas Minutemen? NOthing from the ICE about the States and Cities having a policy and laws conducive to illegals drive up the crime rates???

NO. Immigration policy needs to be about the LAW, and THE ENFORCEMENT OF THAT LAW.

IF this is not stopped, the US will become a third wold nation and divided by race and culture.

Scott, you need to get both sides of the story here. Such as how many illegals kill kansans in car accidents? How many muder and rape. It is a significant portion fo the crimes.

"In Kansas, Republican and Democratic officials have called for a crackdown on employers who hire illegal immigrants, but Mdivani said many times well-intentioned employers are uncertain of the rules and sometimes trapped by them."

She doesn't want anything to cut off her supplky of clients. Currently the employer IS on the till if they choose to hire an illegal alien and not check their legal status. It is that simple.

KsTwister 11 years, 1 month ago

For the immigrants who are trying to become citizens through the proper lawful channels; I applaud you. For those who are using up our programs for born Americans, I am livid. Increased crime, loss of better wages for American children is no reason for amnesty. Refusing to abide by laws in the United States does not make you a desirable immigrant in my country; even in regard to citizenship.

mick 11 years, 1 month ago

Mdivani- "a country that is dependent on immigrant labor." That is a myth. Is "reconquista" a myth, the reconquest of this nation? I drove through Liberal and saw a huge sign in the colors of the Mexican flag which said, "Tierra Nuestra," our land.

Christine Anderson 11 years, 1 month ago

Okay, I've had enough!! First, to all the previous posters on this discussion-bravo!! Esp. the sentiments of Legal_Hispanic and KsTwister.

As for Ms. Mdvani, she may have a law degree, but where the "H" are her ethics? I have a sneaking suspicion that Mdvani may be a personal aquaintance of a certain lawyer of Nigerian descent(offices on Tauromee Ave. in K.C., Ks), who has KNOWINGLY assisted several of his fellow Nigerians to committ immigration/marriage fraud without detection. Make no mistake; the American men(or women) who marry these sheisters on paper and make a mockery of U.S., Christian, and Jewish law in the process are every bit as guilty as the scum who are too lazy or afraid to do it the legal way. Sorry folks;I know I've ranted many times on this subject. This time I'll just come right out and say why. I had a friend I have known for literally half of my life so far.This male friend was dating me and talking of eventually marrying ME. While dating me, he secretly goes and marries this Nigerian chick soley to keep her very ample rear from being deported. She told him they only had to stay married for one week, and then could get it annuled. Having been legitimately married to an Iranian man at one time, I knew this to be a lie, esp. after 9/11. To make it all the more shameful, both the man and the sheister-woman attend Fundamentalist churches in this city. The man was a deacon and treasurer at the time he married this woman. Both of them did what they did with full knowledge that it was breaking the laws of the land, and with no intention of ever living as man and wife. (Thank God-I would have had to vomit!) Hey fellow LJW readers- what is your opinion on two persons who would masquerade as Christians, and then do this?? I have asked the man several times if he was remorseful or if he was prepared to apologize. His most recent comment was "Whatever." --Man, do I feel better!!

james bush 11 years, 1 month ago

This story is stupid and serves no purpose!

mick 11 years, 1 month ago

Well said, Fred. Illegal immigration is our #1 problem. And Political Correctness is like a mental illness that has come over the land. Collectively we seem to think like a bunch of little girls.

ASBESTOS 11 years, 1 month ago,2933,241839,00.html

There is also a stroy of an illegal immigrant that molested an 4 year old girl, and was cought. SOMEHOW his family raised the $150 K bond. He went to the Immigration judge and asked for Deportation, the ICE guys caught it and had the State up his bail to $750 K. and deportation was denied, with pending legal action on the prosectuion. They are gonna fry this guy. 2 nd time he was caught crossing the border, and 2 nd time he was caught molesting little girls under 13.

Most of these illegals have no problem raping a woman it seems or gang raping a woman nor do they seem to have a problem or think it is wrong to molest a little girl. WHy wonder, they start off illegal.

Scott Rothschild needs to dig a little deeper on this. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS KILLING THIS COUNTRY!!!@!

captain_poindexter 11 years, 1 month ago

I love the title of this article:




Experts in what? left-wing view of immigration law and policy?

what a joke...

Christine Anderson 11 years, 1 month ago

Bad mos, bad mos, whatcha gonna do...whatcha gonna do when I.C.E. comes for you.....

ASBESTOS 11 years, 1 month ago

YEAH these are some upstanding persons that come here illegally. Seems like all they want is to work and provide for their familes, ... and gang rape underage little girls,... in WICHITA!!

Wonder if the "EXPERTS" figure in Gang Rape!!!!

Scott, Scott, look around!

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