City mum about liquor license of Last Call

City leaders aren’t revealing whether they have any plans to ask the state to revoke the drinking establishment license of Last Call.

“I’m not going to begin the litigation in the newspaper,” City Manager David Corliss said.

In May, seven gunshots were fired inside the club, sending 200 people fleeing into the street.

The police also have confirmed they have seized about 20 weapons in the downtown area, with several of them being seized from parking lots adjacent to the club.

City commissioners at their Jan. 2 meeting instructed staff members to contact the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control division to determine what steps the city would have to go through to ask the division to revoke a liquor license. The city, though, stopped short of saying they were gathering the information in preparation of asking for the license of Last Call to be revoked.

The license for the club was renewed for another year in November by the ABC, and the City Commission signed off on the license at its Nov. 14 meeting.

Attempts to reach Dennis Steffes, the owner of Last Call, were unsuccessful.

Mayor Mike Amyx on Friday also didn’t get specific about any plans the city might have.

“We want everyone to be responsible for making sure that downtown is a good, safe place to be and to do business,” Amyx said. “We have some very good business people trying to make sure downtown works for everyone.”