Scouting news

Boy Scout Troop 55, chartered to Westside Presbyterian Church, camped Nov. 11-12 at Indian Caves State Park in southeastern Nebraska.

Older scouts began a hike of about 14 miles after arriving Saturday morning. These scouts included David Lawrence, Chris Muetz, Drew Braden, Jacob Pfeifer, Newt Heston and Mitch McCune. They were accompanied by leaders Scott Braden, Cammie Braden, Joe Wilson and John Pfeifer.

First-year scouts hiked about 2 miles, cooked lunch, played a game of football, then hiked back to the base camp. When they came back, Tom Volek, who was in charge of base camp responsibilities, had chili and cherry-apple dump cakes waiting for them. First-year scouts participating included Griffin Kimmel, J.D. Williams, Jamie Braden, Johnathan Roberts, Kjell Mullenix and Wyatt Patterson. They were accompanied by adult leaders Stephen Roberts and Scott Woodhead. The first year scouts also viewed the Indian caves early Sunday before departing.