Ex-Jayhawk Downs to debut

Transfer says Kansas wasn't 'right situation'

There is a chance Kansas University transfer Micah Downs could see his first action for Gonzaga this weekend when the Bulldogs travel to the Bay Area to take on Santa Clara and Saint Mary’s.

The 6-foot-8 sophomore guard became eligible to join the Zags in mid-December, but has been recovering from a broken foot. He sat down earlier this week with The Spokesman-Review.

S-R: What’s the latest on the broken foot?

Downs: “I got the latest (X-ray) results on Saturday and the doctor told me I’m good to go. I did some individual work over the weekend, and he said if it felt pretty good, then I’d be cleared to practice this week and be ready for the games this weekend in California.”

S-R: What part of your game will be the most difficult to get back?

Downs: “My lateral quickness is going to be huge. When you’re in the game and playing for a while, and you’re on the floor and the season’s going along, you’ve got that sharpness about you where your body is ready to twitch and do any little thing that you want it to do at any particular moment. And right now, I’m sure I don’t have that.”

S-R: What do you hope to contribute to the team once you return?

Downs: “Extra scoring. Coach Few really wants me to score and tells me I can be a great scorer. That, and rebounding. I’m a long, athletic guy, and I can jump and go get some balls, so, hopefully, I can really help out with the rebounding process, too.”

Former jayhawk micah downs, right, defends Western Illinois' Marlon Mahorn. Downs could see his first action this weekend since transferring to Gonzaga.

S-R: How do you think you’ll react to playing in a real game again?

Downs: “I’m going to be really nervous. I’m just that kind of person. I always get nervous for basketball games, and I haven’t played in an official, refereed game in over a year now.”

S-R: As a freshman at Kansas, you were averaging more than 11 minutes a game. What prompted the transfer?

Downs: “It just felt like it wasn’t a good mix for me with my teammates down there. That’s no knock on them – they were a great bunch of guys. But it just wasn’t the right situation for me.”

S-R: Are you happy with the decision you made to transfer?

Downs: “Besides giving my life to Jesus Christ, it’s probably the best decision I’ve made in my life. It’s a great school. I love it here. I love the coaching staff, I love my teammates, the student body is awesome – I really like it here. It’s a great spot for me.”