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New Year’s baby arrives healthy after delivery room scare

Complications send newborn to Children’s Mercy Hospital

January 2, 2007


Nora Katherine Steinle was only a half hour behind 2007.

Lawrence's first baby of the year beat her original due date of Jan. 4 and joined at Lawrence Memorial Hospital her new parents, Michael and Dee, and big brother, Aaron, who will turn 4 on Wednesday.

Nora's arrival came with unexpected events for the family. It involved an unplanned Cesarean section and a trip to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., after her delivery. Mother and daughter were still separated Monday night.

"We're really thrilled to be a part of the community and to be recognized in this way with such warmth and concern. It's really touching to us, and we're really honored to have that," Dee Steinle said Monday evening.

Dad made the trip to Children's Mercy with Nora, and by the end of the day, he was able to hold his new 8-pound, 11-ounce and 20-inch-long daughter.

"It was very dramatic and traumatic. I'm hoping for the best, but I spoke to the nurse at Children's Mercy a little earlier - the baby's nurse - and she said she's doing everything that you would expect a newborn to do at this point, so I thought that was really good," Mom said calmly from her LMH hospital bed Monday night.

"She looks great. She acts like a normal baby, and given what she went through coming into the world, she looks really good. She looks amazing," Michael Steinle said.

The surgery

Nora Katherine Steinle, Lawrence's first baby of 2007, was born by emergency Cesarean section early Monday.  Nora was transferred to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., but is expected to be reunited with her mother in the next couple of days.

Nora Katherine Steinle, Lawrence's first baby of 2007, was born by emergency Cesarean section early Monday. Nora was transferred to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., but is expected to be reunited with her mother in the next couple of days.

The Steinles were married in 1995 and moved back to Lawrence in 2000. Dee is administrative director of masters programs at Kansas University's School of Business.

Michael is a consultant for Tetra Tech Inc., an environmental and biosecurity consulting firm based out of Lenexa.

The family's optimism Monday night followed Dee being rushed into surgery following complications. She had gone into labor Sunday afternoon.

"I wasn't able to successfully push the baby out. ... The placenta separated, and once that happens you have to have the baby taken out as quickly as possible," Dee said.

She thanked her medical team that included Dr. Carla Phipps, Dr. Joy Murphy, Dr. Samantha Durland and nurse Barbara Bushell. They were able to quickly remove Nora, who at first needed help breathing.

"It was a lot of precaution, but she had turned herself back the wrong way again by the time they were able to get her out in the surgery," Dee said.

Dee remained in surgery for a few more hours. By Monday evening, the new mother of two was able to talk with family, get an update on her daughter's status, see some pictures of her and make plans to see Nora in the next couple of days.

Michael split time between the two hospitals, bringing back photos and stories for Mom. He said Monday night by telephone from Children's Mercy that Nora's breathing had stabilized and that doctors planned to run tests today.


The family members can't wait to spend time in downtown Lawrence, at city parks and at other activities with their new addition, Dee said.

"I think right now my major dream is just that she's healthy and strong and ready to take on the world," Dee said.

But when Nora gets older: "I have a good MBA program for her. That's for sure," her mother said.

For being Lawrence's New Year's baby, Nora has received several gifts, including an autographed basketball from KU's women's team and a new car seat.

Nora's grandparents are Bill and Linda Gerdes, of Lecompton, and Darrell and Donna Steinle, of Topeka. Her uncle and aunt are Rich and Penny Gerdes, of Lawrence.

By Monday night, the mother of Lawrence's first 2007 baby had come up with her New Year's resolution.

"I think just take it as it comes. This is good evidence, too, that I need to do that. It's very different than I would have expected it to be with this baby in some ways," she said.

Michael said he looked forward to getting everyone home for a nice slumber as he pondered the emotional and sometimes "terrifying" events of the previous 24 hours.

"They are both fighters. Dee's strength is really an inspiration," he said as he fought back tears.


juscin3 11 years ago

My prayers are with you and your family. Hope you both get to come together soon and make it home safely. My sister was in the hospital hoping to have her baby as well. She had mentioned that her nurse had to leave to go to the emergency c-section.

Confrontation 11 years ago

"Nora has received several gifts, including an autographed basketball from KU's women's team"

It sounds like they ran out of good gifts at LMH.

Centrist 11 years ago

It's a wonder ANYONE survived the LMH experience.

That place is the worst excuse for a hospital I have ever known ..

Glad that the baby is doing well. Good thing they went to another hospital!

guesswho 11 years ago

So, it is the hospital's fault that the placenta separated early? Sounds like the team of doctors and nurses did everything right. (Incidentally, the doctors are not part of the hospital, they have their own practice and the nurses are wonderful).

Kristen Murphy 11 years ago

I found nothing wrong with LMH. It's not their fault her placenta seperated...And I agree with guesswho! My doctor has her own practice and the nurses are the hospitals nurses! Get a clue Centrist!

Centrist 11 years ago

In general, that hospital is terrible. I was not referring to this case.

Myself, my son and three other family members have been to LMH in the past, only to be treated like dirt and basically ignored in the ER, bleeding, waiting for treatment. Then what we got was way short of anything I would call treatment. Then they have the audacity to bill for services that basically were not provided.

My niece went in there recently with severe abdominal pain. She passed out a couple of times on the way there, and once she got there, they did NOTHING. After waiting in the ER for a couple of HOURS, a "doctor" came out, took one look at her and told her she needed to take a pain pill and go home, get on a low-fat diet (I'm not kidding!) then ask her doctor to take a look at her.

And this is an ER in a hospital? What if it was life-threatening? No doubt they will bill her for "services", even though they literally did nothing.

What I'm saying is that overall, LMH's track record is atrocious. So I'm commenting, yes, with sarcasm, founded on FACT, on LMH in general.

Ask around town and ye shall see!

bytheway 11 years ago

You ever heard of filing a complaint with JCAHO? The do all the hospital accreditation. They work like the state of Kansas does on nursing home complaints. If you are so concerned maybe you should do something about it.

happyone 11 years ago

I am glad to hear all are well. Sorry to hear they had to take the baby to Children's Mercy, Mom is missing some vital bonding time.

To the comment LMH is bad is say go to a KC hospital then i have been treated at LMH and a couple of KC hospitals and never again will I go to KC!! I'll was treated MUCH MUCH better at LMH!! I would rather die at LMH than goto another KC hospital!!

But again I hope the best for the new baby and mom :)

hammysammy 11 years ago

Centrist-so basically there was nothing wrong with anyone in your family? Sounds like they did the right thing.

guesswho 11 years ago

It is quite possible the doctors and staff in the ER were treating more emergent cases; yes, sometimes there is a long wait and can be frustrating, but they base treatment on priorities (and can't really tell you what is going on next door). The ER isn't a first-come first-serve type of place. Your two examples were only on ER - maybe you didn't belong in the ER. This article was about the maternity ward, and again, it sounds like the doctors and nurses did a great job.

lawrencechick 11 years ago

Centrist- sounds like your niece had a classic gallbladder attack that is usually brought on by a high fat diet. Did she go home and die? She must have if she was that sick right? And your relative who was bleeding to death-must be dead too. Sounds like you have a family of overreactors who are draining health care dollars.

mom_of_three 11 years ago

Let's get back to the baby!! She is a cutie.

juscin3 11 years ago

Its sad that people will cry wolf when they just want drugs to support their drug habit. They will go to where they just get the kid sick enough to take them to the ER so the parent can get their drugs. Sad, but true. Maybe Centrist was goin through withdrawals and they figured he/she was one of the druggies and turned them away.

Bobbi Walls 11 years ago

Congrats on the baby, but I would much rather take my kids to KC for treatment.. They always push pain meds at LMH, which can mask certain problems. My husband is in remission from cancer, and we will only go to KU Med Center or St. Lukes for his care. I would rather spend the gas money than pay for care at LMH.

imastinker 11 years ago

I don't think that LMH is incompetent, but there was a reason our second baby was born at the Topeka birthing and womens center. This had to do with them inducing my wife after she had gone into labor, making the labor very painful. The drugs really gave us a scare by slowing the baby's HR about 66%. The second baby's delivery was much less tedious (not tedious at all) because they didn't push Stadol and the epidural.

guesswho 11 years ago

LMH is a very good hospital for the communty it serves. For those who need more specialized care, obviously KC or Topeka, in some cases, is a better choice. LMH cannot be all things to all people, but for general care, it is a very good hospital. Lawrence's first baby of the New Year had to go to a more specialized hospital (Children's Mercy) because LMH doesn't have the volume of patients that it takes to have neonatal/pediatric specialists. Same as for many types of cancer treatment, or some high-risk pregnancies.

How sad that the mother and her daughter won't be able to spend their first few days with each other. I wish the whole family well.

juscin3 11 years ago

Oops, forgot to mention, I didn't have my daughter at LMH for the simple fact that my OB only delivered in OP or Shawnee Mission. Though one of her offices is located in Lawrence. I have been to the ER for other things, and they seemed to be very helpful. My family have had experiences in the ER and some turned out ok, and some of them was a waste of time. Won't have to worry bout LMH after this week on the count of moving out of town. :)
Have a great afternoon everyone!

Bobbi Walls 11 years ago

I too wanted to add, that both of my girls were born at Providence Medical Center in KCK, and if we have more they will be born there as well..

StirrrThePot 11 years ago

My brother-in-law once said that he'd rather die on the the way to KU Med than be taken to LMH for any emergency or life-threatening illness or injury.

Centrist 11 years ago

Thanks for all the brainless assumptions and "lovely" comments about me and my family. Great job, people!

For the record:

I don't "drain" anyone's freakin "dollars". I pay taxes and get zero breaks. I actually contribute a LOT more than I've ever gotten out of the "system", if you want to call it that, and all on a modest income. I have insurance, I pay for it, and I use it only when necessary. Paid over $4000 last year, and didn't even use it once.

Hospitals are supposed to TREAT the wounded. We have been to LMH a grand total of 3 times in 6 years and on each and every occasion, we were treated like they couldn't wait to get us out of there, after we waited, and waited, and waited, for even the most rudimentary medical attention.

My son had an OPEN wound from a dog bite, and we had to approach the staff MANY times before they'd even put a band-aid on it, which they did NOT. We had to ASK for treatment, and the "doctor" we saw for a grand total of 30 seconds didn't give a crap about him. (And no, the dog bite wasn't our fault!)

We had to DEMAND actual medical attention out of them each time. Now tell me, is that a HOSPITAL?

Or ... is it a poorly run private enterprise that couldn't give a stuff about its customers (patients).

Nobody in my home does drugs.

LMH South does a great job. LMH "north" completely sucks!

From our experiences and those of friends and family, we will never go there again, not even in an emergency.

No further comments. It's impossible to have an intelligent debate, anywho.

Centrist 11 years ago

Stirr ..... Exactly what my wife and I say also!

concernedvoter 11 years ago

My son was treated for a bacterial infection in the er and transferred into the hospital for a three day stay. We can't say enough about the thoroughness of the care and treatment he received at LMH last January. From the er, to the drs., to the nursing staff.....they couldn't have been better.

mom_of_three 11 years ago

the baby is still cute. My daughter has been treated in the LMH ER on two occasions in her life(once requiring minor surgery, and another for stitches), and received great care each time. My only bad experience at LMH was more due to my doctor than the hospital.

The baby is still adorable.

Linda Endicott 11 years ago

Emergency care can be lacking in any hospital sometimes.

I live in Ottawa. I once had a window fall out of an old shed door and pierce my arm. The only thing that saved me was that the glass was old, and when it hit my arm the biggest part of it shattered.

Still, I wasn't sure if I had any slivers of glass in my arm or not. Went to the ER here in Ottawa, at RMH. I waited there for two hours before they even looked at me. Though I had flushed it with water before I went, if there had been any glass fragments in there, by that length of time they would have already been in my system. Lucky for me, I guess there weren't.

But I sat there for two hours, they didn't even check to see how profusely I was bleeding, not to mention that the wound was open for all that time collecting germs. They didn't even give me stitches. Just slapped a band-aid on it and sent me home. Gee, I could have done that myself for much less money.

Yet at this same hospital, I had my daughter, she was breech, and though it was a difficult birth, we both came through it with flying colors. No major problems afterward.

I also had an infection once that I was admitted for, and received excellent care.

I suspect that ERs in a lot of hospitals are not always up to snuff, but once you're admitted, you get better care. I don't know why this is the case.

juscin3 11 years ago

Sorry if I offended you. From what was posted that I responded to, there are many people that abuse the hospital to get their fix. I know from someone that works in the ER. Won't say their name. Also, they did NOT tell me who the people are that do this cuz that's confidentiality. Did your son need stitches? Cuz, they go based on how SERIOUS the problem is. If you aren't dying, then you have to wait. Sorry, but that is what I've been told and have seen from experience. I haven't had to wait on the count of kidney stones or infection was pretty bad off that I needed attention. And no, my friend doesn't let everyone know that I should have special treatment, cuz every time I have gone in there she or he is not working. So, I am treated just like everyone else. AND I DON'T HAVE INSURANCE. So it doesn't matter who or what you are. Depends on the serious of the problem. Call the ER and they will tell ya the same thing. :) Have a great evening!

bytheway 11 years ago

Cute baby. Centrist...that is wonderful. Good for you. But as mentioned in a prior comment you can always report your dissatisfaction to JCAHO or to Joan Arenas in the ER. (I think her last name is different now.)z LMH, like most hospitals, have a CEO that you can also channel your complaints through. Another thing, if you can complain about your issues about the hospital on a lame web posting you should be able to do it to a live body at LMH. They are people too. Rest assured, you and your mistreated family are able to file a complaint to hopefully improve your situation at a hospital. It is because of individuals like you who do not complain through the "proper" channels that nothing gets resolved. It doesn't take a law degree to figure that out. Good old fashion common sense. If you get the wrong food at a restaurant you say something, right? If you buy the wrong size or wrong clothing at a store, you take it back, right? Your comments on it being a private enterprise. Well for your uninformed information, the hospital is a publicly run institution. They are non-profit which means all the dollars you spend there go back into the community as updates for the hospital and so on and so forth. Your disliking is misguided and being used in a negative fashion. If you don't like your hair you refix it. Granted a hospital isn't hair that can be refixed, but, for God's sake, file a complaint or something don't sit on your butt and right blogged complaints. File a complaint. Thank you from a concerned citizen trying to get people to understand that there ARE options to make a situation BETTER!!!

shirinisb 11 years ago


If the service at LMH was literally life-threatening then why didn't you drive your relatives 20 minutes west to Topeka?

Personally I've had a horrible experience there as well but I've also been treated wonderfully. Just because you endured unfortunate circumstances doesn't mean you should curse an entire institution. If my child was severely injured and I was concerned about her health I wouldn't hesitate to seek help elsewhere. It sounds like you got annoyed while waiting.

AlligatorMama 11 years ago

First off, the focus should NOT be on the ER at LMH, but rather on the beautiful baby that was born on New years day! What could have been a tragic ending, turned out to be a miracle. The doctors and nurses worked well together and brought a good ending to a not so good situation that was not preventable and potentially fatal. The newspaper tends to leave out important details and readers only get half of the story. I do have to say that a few years ago I also wouldn't have chosen LMH as my first choice for treatment. But now with a new CEO and several new staff members it is a better place. People and things change over time. I've been a patient there on a few occasions, including having my own daughter, and i'm also now an employee. No it is not perfect, but no place is! I've worked in the ER and often times the most critical situations require attention first. What may seem critical to you may not be the most critical situation in the hospital at that moment. Anyway, i'm off of the subject. Congrats on your wonderful new addition and I'm so glad for your family! You are in my prayers

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