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Smoking banned in most public places

January 1, 2007


— Pretty soon, the only smoke in Hong Kong will come from fuming tobacco fans.

Hong Kong goes mostly smoke-free today, when a ban on the practice goes into effect in many public spaces.

Places that soon will be smoke-free include restaurants, workplaces, schools and karaoke lounges - even outdoor places such as beaches, sports grounds and large swaths of public parks.

The strict anti-smoking laws are rare in Asia, home to some of the heaviest smoking populations in the world. Among the continent's major cities, Singapore is the only one with a similar law.

Hong Kong's lawmakers passed the new law in October after a marathon 12-hour debate. The stiffest opposition came from the restaurant and entertainment industry.

Anti-smoking groups pushed for the measure in Hong Kong, one of the most modern and affluent cities in Asia. Smoking is common here but not as popular as in other parts of the region.

Hong Kong's ban does not yet include nightclubs, bars, mahjong parlors, bathhouses or massage establishments. Such venues have until July 1, 2009, to implement the law.


bearded_gnome 11 years, 2 months ago

all this talk of "smokers' butts." should just butt out.

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