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On the money

January 1, 2007


Mutual funds are a useful way for investors to purchase a variety of stocks and bonds in a pool form. But not all mutual funds are the same. Some focus on specific stock sectors, while others cast a wider net. And still others feature different mixes of bonds.

A wide range of information about mutual funds is available online. Here are a few good sites:

¢ American Association of Individual Investors ( features a list of 14 frequently asked questions about mutual funds, and the answers.

¢ ( offers a wide range of mutual fund information on fundamentals, mutual fund types and feature articles.

¢ Investopedia (" provides dozens of articles devoted to mutual fund topics, and still more information under "Dictionary" and "Ask Us" drop-down menus.

¢ Mutual Fund Investor's Center ( contains all sorts of information, including fund listings and planning and tracking features.


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