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Baldwin High teacher arrested second time

February 27, 2007


A Baldwin High School teacher was arrested Sunday in connection with a domestic battery incident.

David Theis, 37, Lawrence, was arrested after throwing coffee in a woman's face, according to Lawrence police.

A police officer on civil standby accompanied Theis' former spouse to Theis' residence in the 3200 block of West 21st Street about 8:30 a.m. Sunday.

The woman went to drop off her children. The woman and Theis had an argument about photo equipment, police said. Theis followed the woman to her car, and after she tried to drive away, threw the coffee at her, according to a police affidavit.

Theis remains in Douglas County Jail on $1,000 bond.

A science teacher at BHS, Theis was arrested earlier this month in connection with a separate domestic battery incident.

Paul Dorathy, superintendent of the Baldwin City school district, could not be reached for comment Monday.


TheGoldenBoy 11 years ago

Sounds more like an assault to me! I'd be interested in what the DA's office would have to say about it.

another_concerned_parent 11 years ago

The charges will probably be dropped or they will plead the case to a lesser charge. The Baldwin district needs to take a stand though. I am glad my kid does not attend BHS.

craigers 11 years ago

Easy now, I went to BHS and most of the teachers there are a class act. One bad apple doesn't make the whole system bad. Concerned parent don't make rash judgements about a school you never set foot in.

Berserk 11 years ago

Toss him in the penn!

Or at least fire him from public service.

Confrontation 11 years ago

It's really sad that this woman has to let him have visitation rights. These kids will learn nothing positive from this jacka$$.

Staci Dark Simpson 11 years ago

I agree craigers. I went to school there and thought most of the teachers were very good. I think I might know you craigers, did you grad uate in '89?

craigers 11 years ago

Sorry spacystaci8, try a little closer to '99.

notsobright 11 years ago

Come on folks. . . Punching a woman is one thing, but throwing coffee??? We are all human. . . Perhaps she is sleeping with the neighbor while he loses everything he owns, particularly his kids.

From what I hear, he was a great teacher and helped a lot of kids, particularly hurting kids.

There is much more to the story I am sure. He is innocent until proven guilty.

Throwing coffee??? . . . I have seen coaches do worse over a bad call by the ref! Next thing you know it will be a hate crime when you hit your horn out of frustration!

redjayj 11 years ago

I can see how throwing hot coffee could be assult.Burns cause more lasting damage then a bruise. I knew a couple who were arguing and she was arrested for spitting on him. I thought that was extreme. I know I know there are germs in spit however since they were together anyway he already had her cooties.People need to learn how to control their anger.

Confrontation 11 years ago

"From what I hear, he was a great teacher and helped a lot of kids, particularly hurting kids."

I'm sure he was pretty good at hurting kids.

sissezz 11 years ago

who was the woman? Iguess it doesn't really matter, if a person has coffee thrown in thier face that'd be enough to press charges.

areyoukidding 11 years ago

BHS grad and one of theis' students here. he's an a$$. only worried about doing things that could benefit him. on a side note, he used to work at the meat market and gave us free drinks while we were still in HS. seriously...a real loser. i'm not surprised by this at all.

areyoukidding 11 years ago

i had several classmates tell me that i should definitely go to the meat market to see mr. theis...but i never made it this day, i don't know where the meat market is/was. some of my other classmates made a psuedo-religion centered around him..."theisism" they called it. oh to be back in HS.

goodstudent 11 years ago

I am one of his students right now. He was a great teacher and a great golf coach too. He was actually a pretty cool guy.

blind_eagle89 11 years ago

I attend BHS and I had Theis. Sure, the guy was a jerk a times, but he was a really good guy. He was also a darn good golf coach, you all should really ease up on him.

goodstudent 11 years ago

I agree with blind eagle89 he could be a jerk, but which teacher isn't a jerk every now and then.

bnichol2 11 years ago

I can't believe some of you people posting all this negative crap. You can't judge a person off of a couple of mess ups. Nobody is perfect and you people can't go around thinking that he's a terrible person and shouldn't be around kids. It's not like you are perfect either, I'm sure you've messed up a number of times in your life. Some things just anger people, and obviously Theis was greatly angered by a situation that none of you probably know the true story to because you didn't talk to the woman or Theis. I graduated from BHS last year and had Theis as a Biology teacher and he was also my soccer coach. He is an amazing teacher and I absolutely loved his class. Sure everyone gets upset now and then, but you can't go around judging others off of a couple of mistakes, especially when you don't know the person and haven't seen the good in them. He is a great teacher and should continue to teach, he would never ever ever EVER display any misconduct towards a student. This event took place far away from the school and didn't even involve the school aspect of his life, it was a completely different situation. So, to all of you making harsh and disrespectful judgements on this teacher really need to think about what you've done in the past and realize that you have made mistakes too and stop judging Theis on this mistake. -Brandi Nichols

goodstudent 11 years ago

I agree. If you are perfect I would sure like to meet you.

David Theis 10 years, 11 months ago


Now for the nitty gritty, this guy has never hurt his wife, children, students, or friends, school board members, colleagues or any of that. its not the type of guy he is. do you really think if he was the person the paper and the inbreds make him out to be, his wife, the lawyers anyone would let him of all people have his children. no! the fact is his wife isn't afraid of him cause she continues to let the children live with him. she knows he has done nothing and he has never hurt her she has drove him crazy caused him to do some things he regrets but only cause it cost him to lose things but he has never hurt his wife or children. matter of fact i know this man personally and he is upset at himself for his actions but you cant predict how you will act in any situation until you are in the same situation so its best to keep your mouths shut until you can speak with knowledge. and speak that knowledge in a helpful way not hurtful. as a devout follower to being true to yourself first, i am one of the original founding members of Theisism, remember speak with knowledge for you look stupid when you don't. pull your heads out, think for yourselves, make sure your tree forks and for crying out loud poof your a duck makes absolutely no sense. come on Kansas get with it, you started to again now lets move on in to the light so we can see where we are going. This Theisism Sermon is over, Rest in pieces your going nowhere! THYNIZPT!

David Theis 10 years, 11 months ago

sit down and shut up. those who speak without knowledge we call idiots and there are a few of them here. welcome to the church of Theis, most of you will perish and never know true wisdom, why because you hide behind words, you hide behind your inner fears your feelings of personal inadaquacies drives you to feel superior when you all of a sudden have a chance to speak your feeble mind on a subject that your knowledge is even more feeble. up above i defined these types of individuals. idiots, come from family trees shaped like broom handles. ssssttttrrrraaaiiigggghhhttt as a board! first of all this guy you all talk so highly about, those of you who spoke on here because you know what this person was about what you had to say was true. you are much appreciated and wont be forgotten. i will make sure he gets this link so he can read for himself. now to dispel some myths in the above message board, first of all this teacher, Theis, never poured alcohol for minors you know why. its illegal you cow patties. you that said he did, are just trying to keep going a lie you started years ago, cause you had to, it was the only way you could possibly fit in a place you had no chance to so you lied. and where was that place being a honest and respectful person. yea its a private club many belong many more don't. and to protect the coolness you protect that lie. be cast out of the the Church of Theisism thou isn't worthy for you must be a real person to yourself first to be a member those who are know this is rule one true to thyself. not going to get into his teaching or you students improper recollections but why was he a jerk cause he held you to being responsible, probably, i had him in class and i can tell you he was never unfair, he worked hard at making his students work hard. every time he would raise the bar immediately after you jumped it then challenge you to jump the next bar. those of us that did, we succeeded we learned we became better people, those that didn't. well you eventually did cause he wouldn't let you sit there and be a half ass person he demanded you be true to yourself. but on top of it all i am sure he went home many nights wondering what he could do to make sure he did better tomorrow than he did today. thats the type of teacher he was, he lived for those students he backed them up, he stood up for them when others wouldn't even the parents. which i will touch on this quickly. parents get a grip, a clue a reality check some of you got your head so far up your rectums you cant do anything productive, so neither do your children, which makes it the teachers faults. you know who you are you are the ones where when your awake its always dark and it smells like poo. remember where your head is, hate to lose ya.

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