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Verdict against landlord upheld

February 24, 2007


The Kansas Court of Appeals on Friday upheld a local jury's finding that a landlord discriminated by refusing to rent to an unmarried, interracial couple.

The court upheld the 2005 judgment against Rex Youngquist and his daughters, Gail Youngquist and Lynne Sander, who together owned and managed the Villa 26 apartment complex.

The city's Human Relations Commission brought suit against them after they refused to rent to Wayne Jackson, who is black, and his girlfriend, Adrianne Morales, who is Latino.

A jury found they had engaged in "intentional racial discrimination" and awarded the couple $3,390 in actual damages. Judge Stephen Six also assessed $76,000 in punitive damages, plus $35,000 to repay the city's legal fees.

Youngquist and his daughters appealed the case on 20 separate grounds, but the appeals court found that none of the issues had merit.

So far, none of the money awarded has been collected, said Max Kautsch, one of the private attorneys who represented the city's human-relations commission.

"I think the court is very clear about what happened here, and in that regard I'm pleased that they saw things our way," he said.


Steve Jacob 11 years ago

Do you get the feeing, that deep in his heart, the landlord still does not think he did anything wrong? We all see he did wrong, and the courts for sure agree with us. Why he is throwing good money after bad by appealling blows my mind.

TheGoldenBoy 11 years ago

As a landlord, you have the right to rent out your property to whoever you like and decline to rent to anyone you don't feel is an unsuitable tenant. After all, it is YOUR property!

hipper_than_hip 11 years ago

God told him not to rent to interracial couples, so Youngquist feels he did no wrong. He's more concerned with answering to God than he is to the city.

justsomewench 11 years ago

if he could've just gotten God to testify on his behalf at the appeal, this all coulda been cleared up in no time.

Confrontation 11 years ago

So, TheGoldenBoy, what if all the landlords decided to stop renting to idiots? How would you ever find a place to live?

jafs 11 years ago


You are simply wrong.

There are a variety of anti-discrimination laws and amendments to our Constitution.

They are there to prevent private businesses from discriminating on the base of race, etc.

This is because we are a nation based on the idea that all are created equal, and endowed with certain basic rights, which should not be infringed upon because of personal prejudice.

Of course, as a nation, we seem to have forgotten about that idea.

davisnin 11 years ago

Are there any other stories on this. Did he actually use that as a reason? More to the point, that is what he told them the reason was?

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