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Police official: Officer, soldiers admit to rape

February 23, 2007


— An Iraqi police official in the northeastern city of Tal Afar said Thursday that a military officer and three soldiers had admitted to raping a Sunni woman and recording the act with a cell phone camera.

The four soldiers told an investigative committee convened by the Iraqi Army that they sexually assaulted the woman nearly two weeks ago, according to Gen. Najem Abdullah, a police spokesman in Tal Afar.

The soldiers' admission follows another Sunni woman's assertion this week that she had been raped in Baghdad by members of Iraq's predominately Shiite security forces. Iraq's Kurdish president and its Sunni vice president said Thursday that a judge should investigate her case, which the Shiite-led government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has dismissed as groundless.

The case has caused a political uproar - with Sunnis demanding justice and Shiites defending the officers - in a society where public discussion of rape is rare.


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