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Foul water taste caused by runoff

February 23, 2007


Have you noticed a foul taste in the water recently?

Lawrence City Hall received about a dozen calls today from people complaining about the taste of their water. Enlarge video

If you've noticed a foul taste in the water during the past couple of days, you are not alone.

On Thursday, Lawrence City Hall received about a dozen complaints from people about the water taste, city spokeswoman Lisa Patterson said. Most were saying it had a salty taste.

The problem stems from changes in the characteristics of the water taken out of the Kansas River, she said. Those changes are caused by melting ice and subsequent groundwater runoff, she said.

The water is being treated and adjustments have to be made continuously in ridding the water of any unpleasant taste, Patterson said. It also takes awhile for that water to work out of the city's system, she said. The water also is constantly tested and is safe to drink, she said.

"The water that people are getting today would have been put into the system a couple of days ago," Patterson said. "We've been working to make all the adjustments to get back to the water that people are used to."


Bladerunner 11 years, 2 months ago

Boil safe drinking water? Purchase expensive bottled water instead? I think Sunshine took up Hawks suggestion already!

Sigmund 11 years, 2 months ago

Sven, it should but we are wasting the money on Corporate Welfare for the MT, paying for consultants for their pie-in-the-sky, paying Johnson County Law firms to defend the WalMart lawsuit.

number3of5 11 years, 2 months ago

Lawrence water always has a foul taste if it is not filtered or other wise purified after coming out of the tap.

Kat Christian 11 years, 2 months ago

Like I've said I ALWAYS boil it if I mix it with something and I NEVER drink it out of the tap. I buy bottled water instead. Don't trust this water - afterall look at the river - it's disgusting and should be an embarrasment to this state to have allowed it to get this bad. Goes to show where out tax money is going - not for environmental clean up that's for sure.

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